A new academic year has come! And that means you need to design a new twelve-month calendar for your school. With various weekly, monthly, and yearly events in your school, you will need a calendar as a reminder. Check out our broad collection of Ready-Made School Calendar Templates in Microsoft Word (DOC). These are templates you can trust to create a unique and well-designed calendar. They’re packed with editable sample content. And not only that but all our printable templates are also easy to download onto your different devices. Everything you need, from content to design, is already manifested by our templates. Download now to experience a real convenience!

How to Create a School Calendar in Word

In a whole academic year, you’ll be attending various school activities. These include the election of student government, joining school organizations, and many more! According to the U.S. Census Bureau, children are more interested in sports than music, dance, or language. It’s hard to promote student engagement without an event calendar to help a child update of the date and time of the audition for these school organizations.

Whether you’re a student or a teacher, you’ll feel overwhelmed with the new school year. It’s important to always be prepared ahead of time. Finish reading this article to know how you can create a useful school calendar and keep essential dates at your fingertips.

1. Use a Calendar Template

Do yourself a favor and download any of our editable calendar templates readily available for your convenience. There are available blank templates that you can simply personalize to your liking.

2. Prepare Your Preferred Software

You have various options for software to use for creating your school calendar. There’s Excel, Word, and any other software available at your fingertips.

3. Customize the Template

When you’re done selecting the right simple calendar template, what you can do is customize it to save time. You can choose a blank template so you can simply supplement your personal data into it.

4. Make Some Polishing

You’re almost done designing your own academic calendar! Now as what a professional writer or designer would do, polish your work so you’d be able to assess if there’s a need to remove, adjust, or change something.

5. Print, Share, and Post

Time to print it! But you can also share it online or post it on your school website or social media page for everyone to see.

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