Publicizing services to generate leads is constant and arduous labor for every business. You have to market and gain new clients while trying to keep your patrons from straying to the other side. If you’re looking for a way to expand your audience, partner your digital advertising with an ever-reliable traditional method: flyering. Hook them with our rich collection of Agency Flyer Templates in Apple Pages (MAC). They come in a first-rate and professionally designed variety for every industry, theme, and purpose. Get them conveniently for free when you register for any of our affordable subscription billing plans. Exceed your market reach quota and download now!  

How to Make an Agency Flyer in Apple Pages

Among the strategies of how small business can outsmart established or big box stores is by adapting clever marketing tactics. These include directly and locally promoting your goods to your customers by using direct mail postcards and flyers. Connecting with your target audience on a closer level is something that huge establishments can never do. This is where good old printed marketing tools come in handy.

1. Keep Your Content Brief and Simple

When you draft your content, limit your word count. A verbose content tends to throw off a vast majority of the audience. Promotional flyers should be quick and easy to skim through. Shorten sentences into phrases and use bullets or infographics. Get right into the main idea and highlight benefits. Focus on spreading the core details of your advertising and don’t stray into lengthy dramatic statements. Also, don’t forget to include relevant information, such as location and contact details.

2. Grab Them with a Catchy Headline

The only way for your marketing flyer to generate leads is to make it stand out among the throng of numerous flyers that your target customers receive on a daily basis. A professional graphic design is a testament of excellent quality, but it won’t be able to pull them to your ad. Catch their interest with a punch on your headline. Highlight your header statement with bold fonts and an appealing message. Humans are generally attracted to statements that conjure emotional responses. Use that to your advantage and make a witty headline that will not only make your market glance twice but will also compel them to keep your leaflet.

3. Include a Call-to-Action

Don’t stop at merely hooking their interest. Urge them to take action. Your business flyer should not only incite an emotional response but a reaction as well. Make them engage in a transaction and lead them where you want them to be. Include discounts, freebies, holiday packages, promos, and other irresistible benefits to lure them into trying your products or services.

4. Use High-Quality Photographs

Any printed marketing document is rarely without photographs. Why? Because a photo itself is a compelling item. A few brief statements in your flyer would suffice when you have a powerful photo to back it up. Be sure to invest in professionally shot photos in high resolution. Hire professional photographers and editors. A few additional dollars won’t hurt if it works to your marketing tool’s advantage. If you can’t afford to get one, look up generic free-royalty photos that can represent your product in a similar manner.

5. Get a Template

Now, the only thing left for you to do is to arrange them neatly on a proper layout. If you’re going to create a graphic material, Apple Pages might not be the right software to use. It lacks the necessary tools to help you curate a creative design. However, you can use the same application to generate impressive results by making use of an agency flyer template. Our templates will provide you with an all-inclusive format containing artworks, layers, design, and comprehensive suggestive content. They are accessible and highly customizable in various file formats using any device. Check them out!

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