There are times that you need another person to run the business in your place. You assign authority to the person while following the business practice that you've established. This kind of setup needs an agency agreement. It's a document that forms a legal bond between two parties. The principal assigns authority to the agent or agents in conducting business on his behalf. If you need agency agreements, check our website for some sample templates. You can edit and customize these files in Apple Pages.

Our agency agreements contain a simple and easy-to-follow format. In writing one, you need to state the name and appointment of both parties. After that, state the nature of the agreement. Define the business to be conducted in the simplest terms. Set the terms and conditions in the third section. Define the services the agent shall conduct on behalf of the principal. Agents are entitled to a commission that serves as their payment if they do their job properly. You also need to state the indemnification clauses of the agreement. Put spaces for signatures at the end of the document. We have agency templates suitable for real estate, advertising, purchasing, and other commercial ventures. You don't need to look far when you can easily get a template from our website.

We assure you that our templates are easy to use. The sample content allows you to create an agreement faster to avoid wasting time. Allow others to conduct business in your name when you have so much on your plate. Set the agency terms by downloading our templates now!

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