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What is an Agent Flyer?

Agent flyers are specific types of flyers purposely done to entice prospective clients, spark interest from them, and most importantly, turn them into genuine customers. Estate agencies and travel agencies mostly use this kind of flyers for the endorsement of their products, services, and even events — like an open house, etc.

How to Make an Enticing Agent Flyer?

Out of all marketing mediums and ideas, flyers can be one of the best options because they provide you a chance to communicate with your potential customers on a personal basis. That said, it gives you permission to create a good relationship with your prospects and as well as introduce your brand. Thus, we present you tips and guidelines in creating an attractive agent flyer

1. Plan it Well

Do not suddenly jump into crafting without an in-depth plan! That will result in a poorly created material and waste of a good amount of resources. Generate your creative ideas as well as your decision-making and critical-thinking skills, so that you can produce a great plan. Discuss the essentials such as the ways to connect to people, the effective methods to create relationships with your target, the number of flyers to produce, the techniques of distribution, the allocated budget for it, etc. Afterward, write an outline for a more orderly work.

2. Customize

Among all the available templates, select the one that best suits your preference. Then, start the layout process. In this case, you can construct the format and just add the important details after so that you can maintain the orderliness and not muddle up your work. Create slowly but surely, because your products — such as this marketing tool — are representations of your and your company, that is why you have to produce something that will give a good impact on your business. Furthermore, combine the elements perfectly like how jigsaw pieces fit each other excellently. Use eye-catching images — such as well-photographed buildings, houses, or other places relevant to your design, flashy and well-blended font styles and sizes, complimenting color schemes, etc.

3. Type the Details

The first thing that you have to put is a well-composed headline. That should be written using a catchy font style and size so that it can be noticed immediately. Moreover, include a brief explanation of your business and its offered services, products, benefits, discounts, and other specific things — such as the type of property, the approximate size of the place, the amenities, etc. Also, do not forget to enter your contact information, testimonials, and call to action.

4. Print

If you are targeting a wide range of customers, you can do mass production. However, you have to research the number of people that are most likely present in that area so that you can avoid mass production and print enough amount of flyers to save some of your resources and not waste them. Furthermore, use high-quality printing material for best results.

5. Disseminate

There are a lot of ways to distribute flyers. Whether you will recruit people to hand them out in public places, tuck them in car wipers or car doors, or whatever you think is convenient and efficient.

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