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What is an Agent ID Card?

It is a horizontal or portrait identity card often used by travel agents, secret agents, and real estate agents that bears identifying personal information about the individual whose name appears thereon. It is normally presented by agents to their clients as proof that they are legit agents coming from credible business companies.

How to Make an Agent ID Card?

An identification card, in general, is one of the first things that a newly hired employee gets upon in joining an organization. Not only does it give employee identification but it also helps enhance security and stability in the workplace. The uses and application of an agent ID card are not just limited to travel and real estate agents, but it can also be used by special agents and detectives. In creating an agent ID card, it has to be specific and credible. If you are planning to make one, we have provided some useful steps below to help you with your agent ID card making.

1. Consider Your Needs

Before you begin editing your professional ID card, first, you need to picture out what you want your agent ID card to look like. Do you want it colored or monochrome? How about the featured info? Do you prefer printing it on one side of the card or both sides? Do you want to use it for time/attendance purposes? It's up to you to decide. Your considered needs will be your basis on how should you can construct your identification card successfully.

2. Gather Details

A printable ID card won't be considered valid and formal if there is no single piece of data stated in it. Its purpose is to give identification, that's why all the vital elements should be included in it. There are many ways that you can use to gather personal details, like conducting group interviews and checking their employee data.

3. Follow A Format

If you want to perfect your ID card making in one get-go, then try to follow an ID card format. In choosing a format, pick which you think is more convenient and formal in layout. This will make the job much easier for you because you are already presented with different guidelines, all you need to do is to study and analyze the process.

4. Observe Coherence

An agent creative ID card should look legitimate and authentic. If you want to apply those characteristics to your ID card making, then you have to observe coherence in making one. All details including the graphics and layouts should be systematically and logically arranged. Highlighted and outline all the vital identification details so that people can easily notice it.

5. Print And Distribute

After successfully crafting and checking your accomplished simple ID card, you are now ready to print it in durable and long-lasting card stock. After printing everything, you may now distribute it accordingly to the rightful holders.

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