What makes special occasions special is not the gifts we receive from our loved ones. It is knowing that we are very much appreciated and loved by the people we love and care for. Every year, there are special occasions meant to spend with our special someone, and in these times, heart touching greeting and messages are abundant. Don't know where to put those sweet messages yet? Place them on an anniversary card. Find the perfect one in our Anniversary Card templates. These card templates are downloadable and editable in Adobe Illustrator, PSD, Apple Pages, Microsoft Word, and Publisher. Print them now in 3.5x2, 4x6, 5x7 inches paper sizes, and portrait and landscape orientation styles. Give this to your loved ones and help spread the love! 

How to Make an Anniversary Card in Publisher

Anniversaries are one of the personal events that people in relationship most await. These people can be friends, boyfriend and girlfriend, or husband and wife. Sending love messages during this special occasion is a way of expressing their affection towards one another. Of course, these people can express to each other every day, but anniversary greetings during anniversaries are something more special. It is not just a sign that their partners remember, but it also shows just how their bond is still strong. If you’re planning to give your loved one an anniversary card, below are some guide steps to help you make one.

1. Select a Card Template

Graphic documents, such as cards, take completion of many particulars to create. That is why it highly recommendable to use a ready-made output if you’re running out of time than to make one from scratch. They give us total convenience because they are already formatted, requiring us just to edit the texts with our own details. Finish your work faster and smarter by browsing and selecting a card template of your desired paper size and contents, then open it in Microsoft Publisher and customize it. Get a card template in Publisher’s template library or find more professionally made anniversary card templates above. Choose from the available wide selection of designs, then save them for free!

2. Compose your Greetings

Anniversary cards won’t be complete without your dedication message for your special someone. Simple yet heartfelt message is enough to express how much you really appreciate your partner. Your wedding anniversary might be fast approaching; that’s why you are making this card. Compose a message that expresses how much you want your following years to stay strong and bountiful. Or maybe you are celebrating your friendship anniversary, compose a message expressing how grateful you are that you have a friend like him or her. Things like that. You can actually leave the space for the message blank and handwrite it, so your partner will know that you really put an effort for the event.

3. Mind the Visuals

An anniversary card is a present that you give to your special someone, so everything on your card should also be special, including the design and images. You can’t ignore those details. They play an important part on your card, so prepare the visuals as well. Your selected template from Microsoft Publisher’s template library or our anniversary card templates already has built-in design and images you can readily personalize. Customize it to suit the preference of your partner. Maybe replace the image in the editable card with his or her photo or add an object he or she likes very much.

4. Put the Card in a Beautiful Envelope

The card will look more like a present if you prepare it with a lovely envelope. You can pick a color that is your partner’s favorite or a color that you know your partner will love when he or she sees and receives it. Your card sealed in a beautiful envelope would be perfect with your bouquet or any gift you plan to give together with it. Prepare more for these special occasions with our editable and printable cards. Congratulations on this milestone you’ve reached together!

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