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What Is an Artist Authenticity Certificate?

Just like an appreciation certificate, an artist authenticity certificate is meant to point out the amount of painting experience and artwork one has managed to complete. It is considered an important artists certificate because it acts as physical proof that they have been recognized as legitimate members in the industry. This is usually handed out to artists who have created outstanding original work or to those who have made considerable contributions to the art industry.

How to Make an Artist Authenticity Certificate?

1. Decide on Its Orientation

When making your own simple certificate of authenticity, you'll want to determine how it's meant to display its contents by choosing an orientation. Do you think that going portrait is the way to go? Or perhaps a landscape orientation is a better option? While the content and the images are some of the factors that lead to your decision, it's still mostly about personal preference.

2. Think Carefully About the Design

You'll notice that in many samples of authenticity or painting certificates, images or illustrations are present in the layout. The reason behind this is because it is required to have at least one of the artist's original work showcased in the document. So long as the artist agrees to it being used, you can add it to the certificate's design. Also, make sure to use a high-quality image as you want to make it look as attractive as possible. Lastly, consider whether to go for a background with a solid color or one with a color pattern.

3. Place Information about the Group or Association

Aside from simply placing an "authenticity certificate" and the name of the artist in the document, you will also need to include the name of the group or association that's responsible for issuing the certificate. Start by placing the organization's logo at the top portion of the certificate, and then write their name either beside or right below it. Providing this information will help ensure that the certificate is authentic and not just fabricated by the artist.

4. Provide Details on the Person Receiving the Certificate

The next step is for you to point out who the recipient is for your certificate of authenticity. Make sure that you write down the full name of the artist who has earned proper authentication while also providing a statement that declares that they have officially been recognized for their work. Within that statement, also include the exact date in which the printable certificate is to be given to the recipient.

5. Be Sure to Have the Right People Affix Their Signatures

Lastly, you want to make sure that the right people place their signatures in order to authorize the certificate. This type of modern certificate is typically signed by the heads of the association, simply provide enough space over their printed names for them to affix their signatures. If there is anyone else who needs to sign the document before it can be handed out to the artist, be sure to include them as well.

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