What Is an Art Deco Invitation?

An Art Deco invitation is an creative invitation predominantly design with Art Deco. Art Deco, though, is a style of design prominent during the 1920s and 30s and was characterized by striking outlines and geometric or zigzag patterns (you ever saw furniture that looked like polished wood except that the patterns seem man-made? That's an example of Art Deco). Due to its many different variants such as minimalist, great gatsby, peacock, and many more, this design goes great with invitations if you want to give it that sleek, sophisticated, and antique kind of look.

How to Make an Art Deco Invitation

1. Decide On What Kind of Invitation It Will Be…

The first item on the docket is to figure out what kind of invitation you're planning to make. The "Art Deco" part of the invitation is merely a design choice, the purpose of the invitation is still up to you. It could be a wedding invitation, an invitation to a ball, maybe even a simple birthday party with a vintage theme, the Art Deco is merely there to add elegance while you have to provide the intent of the invitation.

2. …And See How You Can Incorporate Art Deco into It

Following step 1, the reason why you need to know what the invitation is for in the first place is so that you have context for how you will implement the design. For example, an Art Deco wedding invitation could have the same patterns as other forms of Art Deco but have a modern twist with the colors being light reds, blues, and yellows with a white backdrop. A more sophisticated invitation, however, could use a contemporary black gold or laser-cut design. The possibilities are endless true, but the only way to fully explore your design is if you have direction on what you want to accomplish.

3. Trial and Error

Art Deco can work on a lot of invitations due to its usually minimalist design and easy to incorporate nature. However, that doesn't mean that just because you can settle with the first pattern, it's automatically the right one. Don't be afraid to test out other patterns or even edit one you already like. Remember that even though a vintage and antique style from the 1920s and 1930s looks good, it doesn't mean that you can't make it better by adding a modern twist to it.

4. Make Your Message Impactful

This is a general tip for most invitations and an Art Deco invitation is no exception — if you want your simple invitation to work, you should have a clear and concise message that portrays the usual basics like when the event is, are there dress codes that need to be followed, all that stuff. What good is an amazing Art Deco design if nothing you wrote there gives any important detail.

5. Polish Up and Print

When you're finally happy with your design, your text is concise and clear, and the invitation looks great overall, you can have one last run down just to make sure everything is perfect before finally printing it out.

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