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How to Create a Banking Statement?

A banking statement is a record, typically sent monthly to the account holder, summarizing all the transactions from the previous statement to the current account. Consumers should examine their bank statements carefully and keep it for their financial records to avoid conflicts and misunderstandings in the future. Bank statements are an excellent tool to assist the holder of the account in keeping track of their money plus it also helps the account holders to monitor their financial statements, identify mistakes, and recognize expenditure habits. If you are the bank owner but still confused about how to create an effective banking statement for his company, then continue reading the article below for we created a list for you on how to create a banking statement. Here's how:

1. Identify the Purpose

The banking statement has different types. Before you start creating a banking statement, make sure you know first what type of banking statement you are going to create. Research on its characteristics so that you will know what and how to write it.

2. State the Content

Now that you already decided what type of bank statement you are going to achieve, don't forget to write the content on it. For instance, if you are writing a Request to Bank for Copy of Credit Report, then don't forget to state the necessary details such as the date, company's name together with its contact information, the body of the report, and lastly, it's closing remarks with your signature to make it legal and credible.

3. Download a Banking Template

It can be hard to write a banking document because it is generally lengthy and involves difficult technical terms. That is why if you don't want to tire yourself, then you may purchase one of our printable bank statements or invoice templates on our website. Downloading one will also guide you to the details you want to include in your statement. Aside from that, it also has the perfect layout you need for your balance sheet. If you prefer to download a template online, don't forget to replace it with your bank's texts and content.

4. Make Revisions

In business, banking statements are legal documents because it usually involves money or cash that is why you must proofread and check in the banking spreadsheet of your MS Excel if there are any details you missed or in case there are any grammatical errors, spellings, and wrong punctuation used. Revise the content if there are any mistakes.

5. Finalize then Print

Now that you are done finalizing your output, print out two copies of the bank payment statement you created so that there will be a copy for the client and a copy for the bank. Make sure that when you print legal documents, use high-quality paper stock that cannot be erased immediately because who knows, it will serve as a personal reference in the future.

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