How to Make Beauty Salon Brochures in Illustrator

Whether it’s for a sister’s wedding or a night out with some besties, it’s important that one looks their best. But, maintaining one’s appearance can take a lot of time and effort to do on their own, especially with a busy work schedule. So, because of that, we have cosmetics stores and beauty parlors to give us a hand.

Do you run a beauty service or establishment of your own? Then you want to get the word out about what you can offer to potential clients. However, maybe you’re not sure how or where to even start. Well, no need to fret since we have our Ready-Made Beauty Salon Brochure Templates to help you! With these masterfully-prepared samples, you’ll have some handy leaflets printed out in no time.

Even though using brochures may seem a bit dated in our modern age, you should know that these humble handouts still provide a practical way of getting exposure. In an article from, creating one brochure can cost just a mere 1 to 3 USD, which means you can reach a wider demographic while minimizing costs to do so!

1. Pick a Gorgeous Brochure Template

When designing advertising material for your makeup parlor or beauty spa, you should treat it like one of your customers and make it look just as beautiful. To help you achieve that, we offer a healthy lineup of our brochure templates for you to choose from. So, ensure that the sample you pick for editing will match your business and design ideas.

2. Give Your New Template a Makeover

After deciding on a suitable brochure sample and saving it to your storage, it’s time to get working in Adobe Illustrator and make your adjustments. Using Illustrator is a breeze for editing our salon-oriented templates, as each one is made to be easy for both amateur and professional editing proficiencies.

For drafting the written content of your brochure, don’t be afraid to get a little creative with it too. Adding in some charming or witty dialog makes it more interesting to read, which will help encourage readers to do business with you. And, if you’re not feeling confident about your writing quality, a simple online search can quickly find tools to aid you.

3. Reach Out With More Than Just Brochures

Your brochure designs may be done, but that doesn’t mean you have to be too. Consider other ways of spreading the word about your beauty salon!

Put together some posters to go along with your smaller brochures; plaster them around areas with good visibility. However, please avoid getting into trouble from posting wherever it’s prohibited.

For a pricier yet effective addition, utilize some banners. These are good for using both indoors and outdoors while looking very presentable.

4. Spread Joy Through Beauty

With the brochure design (and other promotional material) taken care of, start printing out those copies and get busy distributing. With our many salon templates available to you, it’s easy to compose a lovely pamphlet for showing off your beauty products and services!

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