People want to look their best, and that's why beauty salons are still on the rise. Although there are plenty of customers for salons, the problem arises because of high competition. That's why we're offering you our first-rate collection of Ready-Made Beauty Salon Flyer Templates in Adobe Illustrator. These are 100% customizable, easily editable, and printable. These are beautifully designed to catch every person's attention. These are available in (US) 8.5x11 inches + Bleed. These templates will make your brochure beautifully unique from your competitor's brochure. Download these templates and acquire more clients to visit your salon!

How to Make a Beauty Salon Flyer in Adobe Illustrator

Let's admit it, physically attractive people have social and psychological advantages compared to plain-looking individuals, as what research reports. The thing is, a lot of people pay dollars to look more attractive for different reasons. That's why the beauty salon and spa industry had boomed with 128.59 billion global revenue last 2017. The revenue is expected to increase for the years to come. Also, these digits should drive you to think of better marketing strategies because the competition is getting higher. One of the strategies you should consider is using beauty salon flyers.

Now, let's help you get more customers by using these tips below:

1. Make a Catchy Headline

It's the appealing headline that grabs the attention of people aside from the design of the promotional flyer. If you also want to hook people to check your flyer, then be creative with your headline. Always remember that your headline should reflect the contents of the leaflet. If it's only a catchy statement but doesn't even connect to the flyer objective, then it's useless. Another tip for making a catchy headline is to make it about the readers. You can show how your services can benefit them so that it becomes eye-catching through your headline.

2. Feature Discounts and Offers

It's a fact that people love discounts and offers. Who doesn't like to pay a lower price out of reliable service? Everyone. So, when you make your modern flyer, always put the latest discounts and offers your salon has. You also have to make the discounts and offers very visible to the eyes of the readers. Use boldface and make it a little bit bigger than other contents. This way, people can easily read them.

3. Use Colors

Colors can affect the mood or emotion of someone, so, incorporate colors on the advertising flyer. Interestingly, you can also communicate through colors. Choose complementary colors on the flyer design so that it looks good to look at. However, you have to limit the number of your color use, or else your flyer can look cheap. To add, if you have a signature business color, then use it on the flyer. If you're consistent with brand color usage, then people will know you and distinguish you from other beauty salons.

4. Showcase Your Services

Since you're advertising your business, people should know your services. Share to them how impressive your services are. You can list services like graduation makeup, massage, or even makeup training. Don't list a whole paragraph since your flyer has limited space. Just focus on the primary services and concentrate on how these can benefit your customers.

5. Add a Call to Action

Another essential element your creative flyer should have is the call to action. A call to action drives your readers to take action. You can start your call to action with an imperative verb because it's effective. If you're going to forget this area, your flyer isn't going to be as effective as it should be. Good luck!

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