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How to Create a Beauty Voucher in Illustrator

A beauty voucher, similar to an ordinary voucher, is an effective promotional and marketing tool for beauty salons and spas. A beauty voucher is a great way to invite new customers to join your salon and spa. It can also act as a gift which gives you the opportunity to secure regular and loyal customers. Beauty vouchers are normally offered during seasonal or special events like Christmas week or mother's day. And as what its name implies, the typical services you can avail using a beauty voucher are body massage, manicure, pedicure, beauty therapy, and hair treatments. Your beauty vouchers should be a good reflection of your beauty salon and include custom features. Hence, we give you five effective tips on making your own beauty voucher.

1. Think of an Offer

Vouchers should always give a good offer. Think of an offer that new and regular customers that are so tempting that they cannot say no to. For example, you will give a 50% off if the customer will purchase a gold foil treatment and full body massage. The percentage-based formula is most popular in beauty salons and spas.

2. Add Visual

Your beauty voucher should get a good impression, therefore, you will need to think about its visual. Since it is a beauty voucher it should also be beautiful. Think of the season you are giving your beauty vouchers away before conceptualizing. So if you are going to distribute your beauty voucher on spring then give a spring vibe to your discount coupon. The image, color scheme, and fonts should be complementary. Don't make your beauty voucher too boring. Never settle for plain images, fonts, and colors. Add relevant images that will suit the offer you are giving or images that represent your beauty salon and spa. It will be easier for you to customize, inserting images, and adjusting color schemes if you use the program Adobe Illustrator.

3. Write Information

Write important information like the terms and conditions, the duration, and the voucher number. There are vouchers that will include an area for the customer's contact information. This technique is mostly used in e-vouchers.

4. Voucher Number

Adding a simple voucher number on your beauty brochure will make it easier for you to monitor how many beauty vouchers you have given away and how many of them were actually used. The voucher number is advantageous when you will audit your inventory because with this you will be able to determine if your promo was successful or not. You will be able to trace where you did wrong and make it better the next time.

5. Security Measures

There might come a time where your business will face fraudulent vouchers. It is a challenge to identify fake vouchers from multiple sources and dealing with pushy customers who want to avail that discount. Safeguard your business by adding barcodes to your voucher to avoid voucher fraud.

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