From nail polish to newly cut hair, we all deserve this kind of pampering! Indeed, imperfection is beauty. But nothing is wrong with making ourselves feel a little extra some other day. That is why beauty parlors are an absolute try for massage, nail treatment, hair spa, and so much more. And to promote your business to win more clients, you will need the right tool in hand. So, we offer selections of Ready-Made and Beautifully Designed Beauty Salon Brochure Templates in Pages that you can use. Get yours printed in (US) 8.5 x 11 and (A4) 8.27x11.69 inches + bleed sizes. Now, let your customers get a try of your offerings. Get the convenience in spreading the word. Download a template now! 

How to Create a Beauty Salon Brochure in Apple Pages

There will always come a time that we will no longer feel attractive enough. Sometimes, our confidence level may stop us from feeling a lot better. But there are specific ways how you can encourage yourself to feel good again. With the great help of beauty parlour businesses in town, all are ready to provide you with the right services; spa, hair, nail, and skin care. And it’s pampering time! Perhaps, according to SBDCNet, people ages 35 to 60 have a total spending of 14% for beauty services. With this rapid growth of demand, businesses are rising too. That is why, when planning for business exposure, you will need to put effort into your marketing tool. Brochures help you promote the products and services that your salon can offer. Wanna know how to create one? Feel free to read through the following steps on how to create a Beauty Salon Brochure in Apple Pages.

1. Get the Resources Ready

To get started, you’d likely want to settle with what’s easy. But to achieve this, you will have to get all the materials ready. By materials, it means the logo, images, and content. All these are essentials to complete your brochure. But for the content, create a list of nicely crafted descriptions. You may consider adding the hair salon pricing too. Aside from that, determine how the designs will go. So, use a theme that matches your company’s color palette. This keeps things more manageable.

2. Pick the Appropriate Brochure Design

So, are your resources ready? Now, prepare to visualize your plans. Don’t know where to start? Begin by determining if you want to start from a blank document or get a premade one. But to avoid taking so much time, feel free to browse from our Ready-Made Beauty Salon Brochure Templates. Choose the right fold, either bi or tri-fold. Now, choose the kind of template that is close to your theme. In this way, making the adjustments would not take too long. So, open your Mac. Now use the Apple Pages application to customize the layout.

3. Use the Relevant Images

But what’s an advertising brochure without eye-grabbing images? Of course, you’ll have to get the customers’ attention by displaying photos. This includes photos of sample hairstyles, products, and services. Don’t forget to put a portrait of the hair stylists. Next, observe proper sizing and spacing. But above anything else, make sure the photos are copyright free. In other words, scheduling a photo shoot is highly needed because generally, images gain consumers’ trust.

4. Add Your Content

With the right images ready, complete a business brochure with the nicely crafted descriptions you prepared. But of course, avoid too lengthy wording as not all may find that interesting. You can provide descriptions in each product you display. Or, in every hairstyle available. Don’t forget to adjust the front cover. Then, you may choose to add a message or a photo, instead. Aside from that, provide convenience. Inform your customers where they can reach you out. So, add the place and contact number.

5. Customize, Recheck and Disseminate

What entices a potential market to try your products and services is the designs. Generally, you have to avoid keeping it dry. So, make a creative brochure with popping colors and design elements. Use easy to read font style. Once done, flip through each portion. Recheck if there are grammar and spelling errors. Now, print and disseminate leaflets.

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