How to Create a Beauty Voucher in Apple Pages

Beauty Vouchers are very common promotional and advertising tool for beauty salons and parlors. It is their way to advertise their new beauty products or services to the market. They also use it as a gift for their customers who have stayed loyal to their salon. Distributing beauty vouchers will lure new possible clients. The beauty vouchers have a corresponding value and will be presented by the customer instead of paying cash or to have a discount. Usually, the services that you can avail using a beauty voucher are for spa, nail cleaning, full body massage, beauty therapy, or a manicure. The perfect date to release a beauty voucher is during a special occasion such as birthday, Christmas, Valentines, or mother's day. Whatever you want your beauty vouchers to be, you do not have to worry because we have the best beauty vouchers above and we have provided steps below to guide you in creating one.

1. Decide on What to Place on the Voucher

The very first thing is you decide what are the things you want to be written on your beauty voucher. Do you want to insert your company name together with the company logo? Or just the company name with an eye-catching headline? Decide carefully on what to write because remember that the primary purpose of you making a beauty voucher is to advertise and promote so you better write the things that will be effective for the popularity of your salon or parlor.

2. Select a Theme

The theme of your simple voucher should depend on when you will release it. If you decided that you will distribute your beauty voucher during Christmas, then have a Santa Clause or Snow themes in your voucher. Always remember that the theme and the date of release should coincide for uniformity and to avoid your customers on getting confused.

3. Add Images

Your beauty voucher will look boring if it is plain text only. Add images that are suited to a beauty voucher. You can insert cosmetics or any beauty products as a background image. To make your promotion more effective, insert your products as the image. To make inserting the image easier, use Apple Pages since this software is easy to navigate.

4. List Down Important Details

The important details include the voucher value and duration. Also, add the things that can be availed using the beauty voucher. You can also add a name section where you write the name of the person who can use the beauty voucher. This technique is only applicable when your beauty voucher is for a certain customer who is loyal to your salon or the one who have a birthday.

5. Add Serial Codes

Inserting serial codes will help you monitor and track down when and how many have used your beauty vouchers. Monitoring the number of usages will help you when you do your inventory and will help you tell that your voucher is successful.

6. Write Down Guidelines

The guidelines are also important since they will inform the person who is going to use your beauty voucher on how to avail it. Write a short instruction on how to redeem the discount coupon or how to use the beauty voucher.

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