Buying an item always needs proof. Either as a seller or a buyer, you must retain a Receipt to keep proof of the items purchased, the date of purchase, the amount paid, etc. Our Bill of Sale Templates allow you to make a bill of sale document in a jiffy. What's more? They are all easily editable and accessible in a range of file formats that you require. The templates are also available in A4 and US Sizes, so there's enough space for you to draft your layout. You won't have to waste more time by starting from square one. The templates already contain original content as well. Make the most of your business by signing up for our subscription plans now!

How to Make a Bill of Sale?

A bill of sale is a piece of document that records your purchase of an item such as a used car, auto, boat, motorcycle, equipment, trailer, and other motor vehicles. This is also proof of your legal ownership of the item you bought. It includes the amount of sales tax you pay as well. The website, CNBC, said that the Sales of vehicles in the USA in 2019 is 17 million. It might come off as a hassle, but a bill of sale is very much needed when you buy a car or any other item. It's a record that you can refer to in case of a legal dispute. Moreover, the bill of sale contains information about the item you bought.

Read these tips below on how to make a bill of sale.

1. Gather Info

Before making your printable document, gather all Information regarding the item and the buyer as well. Verify these to avoid mishaps as you start designing your document. You should have every bit of information, so you won't waste your time.

2. Make a Clean Layout

You need to make a layout for your document after gathering all the info you need. Keep it clean and organized even if it's your first layout. Leave spaces for signatures as well.

3. Fill Out Details

Use your information to fill in the details of the Document. Make sure that every information you put is accurate.

4. Have a Run Through

Check the whole document to see if you missed anything. It includes checking the spelling and the numbers that you asked from the customer. If you think there's nothing to change, you can finalize the document by putting the company Logo.

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