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What are the Prerequisites to Make a Construction Brochure?

If you are in the construction business, this is something that would help the target audience to get familiar with your services. Sample Construction brochures contain information on a construction firm and what it has to offer. Brochures are the simple and elegant cards that catch human attention quickly and are portable to anywhere anyplace that makes reaching out to the audience easier.

construction brochure template

Do not miss out on this vital document and get it made quickly following the instruction given below:

1. Decide What Kind of Brochure to Go For

This will depend entirely on the amount of information you wish to share with the client. If you want to give into a lot of detail, then know that you can decide between tri folded or even bi-fold brochures. These usually have more than enough space for whatever information you'll be placing. Should you feel as if it's too much, then you can always opt to go for a single-paged brochure.

2. Know What Pictures to Use

This is very important as you want to provide the readers with some sort of preview to what it is that your construction company or firm can offer them. A few examples of what you can show are pictures of your builders in action or completed structures that your business is responsible for. Also, be sure that you only use images that are of high resolution as you'll want to make your company brochure look as appealing as possible.

3. Decide on the Format

This is very important as you want to make sure that all the information on your creative brochure looks organized. Start with the font and font size. The majority of brochures make use of fonts such as Calibri or Helvetica as those are great for the text that goes into great detail. As for font size, it's usually 12-point font for the body, 10-point font for captions, and 14 to 22-point font for headlines. Take note that you don't necessarily have to follow these as they are merely recommended. As for how you'll arrange everything, you should look up samples of company brochures to give you an idea. If you want to make it even easier on yourself, you can always download and make use of construction company brochure templates and edit those in however way you wish.

4. Place Information about the Construction Company

You'll want to start with its complete name and you should include its logo. You may then proceed to provide its history and how it came to be. Keep this brief as you don't want it to take up too much space in your business brochure. It is best that you also include the mission and vision statements of your construction company or firm. This will help the client understand what it is that you are trying to accomplish and what they can expect should they hire you for your services.

5. Provide Details on What You Have to Offer

Now you can start sharing what clients will want to know about. When doing this, you need to be very specific and detailed. Is your firm focusing on industrial or residential construction? What are the prices for your services? How will the clients communicate with you should they want to avail of your services or if they have any concerns? Be sure to answer these and all other construction-related questions in the professional brochure so that you can place them all in the brochure.

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