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What Is An Invitation Card

An invitation card is a type of card sent to an individual certifying that he/she is officially invited to attend a particular event or gathering. Such events or gatherings are mostly a birthday party and a wedding ceremony/reception.

How To Create An Invitation Card In Microsoft Publisher

Celebrations are best spent with people closest to you. So if you have incoming celebrations to be excited about, why not invite those people close to you by sending them heartwarming invitation cards. To help you with that, we have some tips on how to create an invitation card.

1. Opt To Use Microsoft Publisher

You have many choices on what editing software to use for your invitation card. You should consider Microsoft Publisher as a top choice. Why should you? Microsoft Publisher has a wide variety of tools to help you arrange all the elements on your invitation card, from images to texts and artistic designs. Plus, it's a user-friendly software, which means operating and navigating around it is convenient and easy.

2. Design Your Card Appropriately

The design of your invitation card must fit with your upcoming occasion. For instance, if you'll be sending bridal shower invitations or wedding invitations, the best design for the invitation cards' background are floral designs. For birthday invitations, clip arts of balloons, confetti, and birthday cakes are best.

3. Set Stylish Fonts

The texts on your invitation card saying "You're cordially invited" or "See you there" are welcoming messages that make your guests feel welcomed, even though the celebration is still days or weeks ahead. To compliment that, what you must do is set stylish and elegant fonts for all the texts found on your invitation card. By doing this, its aesthetic quality will improve.

4. Attach High-Quality Images

If you decide to attach real images on your invitation card, you might as well attach quality ones. It's best to attach images that give a hint on what's to come during the celebration. If the celebration is a baby naming ceremony, you can attach an adorable image of the unnamed baby. If it's a housewarming celebration, you can attach picturesque images of your house.

5. Use Invitation Card Templates

Invitation cards are indeed quite challenging to craft from scratch. If you find it so, then there's no need for you to worry. Editable invitation card templates are available for download here at These types of card templates already have a perfect pre-made design. All you need to do is inject your specifications and apply minor adjustments should the need arises.

6. Encase Your Card Inside An Elegant Envelope

For the protection of your invitation card, you must encase it inside an envelope. However, it should not be an ordinary envelope, but an elegant envelope with designs similar to your invitation card. You can create it from scratch if you want, but it's advisable to download our envelope templates to save time.

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