How to Design an Invitation Ticket in Publisher

According to Eventbrite, when your decorations and designs for your invitations are done right, you can quickly achieve a higher satisfaction rate from your attendees. This, in turn, leads to greater attendee engagement on the day of the event. In designing your event and your invitation ticket, it is essential to take note of the basic elements in making a beautiful design. Apply your skills in creating a professional invitation ticket for your guests and follow these few tips below.

1. Style Up Your Invitation Ticket

May it be a carnival opening, concert, or sports tournament that everybody is dying to watch, style up your invitation ticket according to your event. This way, your audience will know what to expect from the occasion you're trying to promote.

2. Add the Essential Details on the Ticket

State when and where your event will take place. Make sure that your date, time, and venue are legible for your reader. You may even add your organization's logo and a catchy phrase to grab your reader's attention.

3. Balance the Elements of Your Design

In designing your invitation ticket, you need to keep an eye on the elements of your design. We recommend only using two (2) types of fonts or less so your ticket looks less crowded and more appealing.

4. Print Your Invitation Tickets

In printing your invitation tickets, you also need to think about what type of paper you are going to use. The thickness of your document can give your invitation tickets a formal and professional feel.

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