It’s not easy to deny how much a lot of people like to spend their time enjoying a party or other social event, mingling with the crowd and indulging on the atmosphere. But, of course, you can’t have a party without anyone attending it. So, to help you rake in that crowd, we have our set of Ready-Made Invitation Flyer Templates up for offer! Putting together your own flyers is simple with these printable, easily editable designs; 100% customizable in Microsoft Publisher. Our professional templates come in various format sizes, available in 4x6, 5x7, and 8.5x11 inches (with bleed). Download our samples and get the celebrations underway!

How to Make Invitation Flyers in Publisher

Are you getting ready for your fashion boutique’s grand opening? Do you have a community-wide BBQ to prepare? Such big public events deserve equally big crowds and celebrations. After all, people love to party! In fact, there was once a dance party held for about 55 hours in the year 2006 (as stated by That’s a long time, to say the least!

So, as a cheap yet effective means of drawing in a hefty headcount, printing and distributing flyers is in order. And, we can lend you a helping hand with our Ready-Made Invitation Flyer Templates! Every one of our flyer designs is guaranteed quick to put together and get ready for printing, helping you save time and effort from having to build your handouts from scratch. And, there’s no need to fuss about having to be an artistic genius, as these templates were made for easy editing.

Need a push in the right direction? Have a read through our quick steps down below and find out how you can customize our samples in Microsoft Publisher.

1. Pick a Flyer template to Match Your Idea

Is there a particular concept you’ve already got planned for your flyer design? Well then, have a look at our templates and find something suitable to work off of as a base for your idea. We’ve got a healthy plethora of varying theme designs for you to choose; from fun cartoon illustrations for a children’s party to stylish photography for a masquerade ball. So, take a bit of time and make sure you pick out a design that truly resonates with what you’re going for.

2. Put Your Design Together in Microsoft Publisher

Once you’ve downloaded the desired invitation template, it’s time to boot up Microsoft Publisher and start working on your flyer! Now, don’t be shy--allow your creativity to flow out of you and onto your work. Since our templates are so simple to edit, then you have free rein to try anything that might work for your idea.

When it comes to composing the written content of your flyers, it pays to be creative with that too. Pull up your preferred search engine and find some useful tools to help you out; you can easily find things like a thesaurus and grammar checker online.

3. Be Sure Everything Looks Shipshape

Before finalizing your flyer design, keep going over your draft until you’ve revised/corrected it enough; there might be some better word choices to use or a few type-o’s you might have missed. After all of that’s done, remember to save your edit.

With your invitation flyer ready for printing, consider other kinds of material to expand your promotional scope. Making some larger posters to plaster around is another cost-effective option you can definitely rely on.

4. Good to Go

After your flyers (and other advertising materials) are sorted out, you’re finally ready to print as many copies as you need and start getting the word out about your club’s summer bash or your yuletide ball! Whatever the occasion may be, our professional flyer templates have you covered!

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