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What Is a Place Card?

A place card, also referred to as table cards or seating cards, is a standard accessory in events like weddings and parties. This card serves as an identification of what table will a specific guest sit. The small piece of paper does not only serve as a display because it indicates the names of guests, table number, and, sometimes, the menu of the event. Typically, a place card is a card folded into two so it can mount itself. Additionally, place cards are a piece of creativity placed on tabletops. A place card size is typically similar to regular cards but not as big as a regular letter-sized paper.

How to Make a Place Card

The best way to start your place card is to relate it with the theme of the event. Will it be used at a birthday party? Will the card be placed on one of the tables at a conference? Or will it be assigned as an identification for a wedding guest? The importance of knowing what event the card will be used is it will help you decide the visuality of your place card. For example, if it will be used in a wedding, hence make a place card that relates to the occasion. When you are decorating for a wedding place card, use elements that are effortless and organic. It's a guarantee that you can be as creative as ever when you make your place card.

The best thing when making cards like these is it allows you to go all out or make a minimalist design. Your creative and personal reference will be the only thing that matters. So huddle up your creativity because we made a list of easy steps in crafting your perfect place card in Adobe Photoshop:

1. Begin with a Rough Illustration; Temporary Draft

It is helpful to make a temporary illustration of the card before going directly to it. While drafting, you must refer to the theme of the event. Knowing the theme of the occasion will help you with a start-up layout and design of the card. Make sure that the card will look like how you envisioned it. Just trust your creativity, and everything else will flow.

2. Download a High-quality Place Card Template

We highly recommend using a printable and editable template in making a place card. Downloading your template from a trusted source will help you produce a high-quality output. The last thing that you want will be a sloppily designed card. Don't settle form a mediocre design when you can make an effortlessly sound place card.

3. Starting Filling In the Template; Begin Editing

When you already downloaded a template, your next move is to start filling in the layout and design, and edit the suggestive content as well. There are a few information that you must include in your card like the name of the guest, table number, and though these are optional, you can write down the event program and menu. Once done, see to it that there are no unfilled blanks.

4. Go Over the Place Card and Proofread

Your place card is not considered done if you haven't proofread it. Go over the content and make an alteration if you need to. See to it that the layout and designs fit well. A beautifully designed place card will visually appeal to your guests.

5. Print Your Place Card; Decorate the Card

You have the option to decorate your card once you printed it. Hence prepare your fancy materials, especially crafting stuff so your card will stand out even more.

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