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How to Create a Sports Card in Microsoft Publisher

Sports cards contain pictures of sportspersons, their names, their achievements, and other information. Basketball cards, football cards, hockey cards, soccer cards, racing cards, and baseball cards are referred to as sports cards. Sometimes, people collect these cards as part of their sports memorabilia.

If you want to make sports cards, be it that you want for personal uses or you want to get profit, here are some simple steps in making these cards:

1. Make Use of Publisher

In making your sports card, you can use Microsoft Publisher. This software is effective in creating layout and design. You can then search for a sports card template that you will use to make beautiful cards.

2. Choose the Person You Want to Feature

Since there are a lot of sports players out there, you need to choose who you will feature. It's really up to you; you can choose from any basketball team, baseball team, football team, and other sports out there.

3. Research about the Sportsperson

You need to have a thorough research of the person your sports card is all about. Undoubtedly, your sports card includes facts about the person. You can't just guess about the person's information. You don't want to receive complaints from the collectors about how inaccurate your information is. You can search for a person's sports background, vital statistics, biography, and other interesting things.

4. Look for the Person's Photo

You should note that the front page of a sports card has a person's image. For the images, you need to have your own photos taken of the sportsperson. You don't want to be charged with a violation of copyright or also known as infringement. You can hire your own photographers if you don't have your pictures yet. Get the best quality of photos you can. You can either take photos of these people while playing their sports or when they are wearing their sports uniforms.

5. Designing Your Sports Card

Your sports card designs should interest people. If you are selling your sports cards, you need to design for your market. You can pick any theme that would match the person you are featuring. Additionally, a trading card has a standard size of 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches (6.4 cm by 8.9 cm). You can also choose if you want to have a landscape or a portrait sports card.

6. Sports Card Contents

After you have made your research, you now have the information that you will put. When you write the information, it is important to keep them comprehensive and simple. Just focus on the important details, you don't have to put everything that you have researched. Moreover, just include essential information because you don't want to make your sports card too lengthy.

7. Review and Print

You need to review your work. Another thing, these cards can be printed on silk, cardboard, or plastics. It's really up to you on what available resources you have.

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