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Cards are used by many people nowadays for multiple reasons. There are many things you can use cards for yourself. Whether as business cards or party invitations, you’ll definitely find a use for cards. If you’re interested in having cards on your own for whatever reason, then you’re in luck.

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On this list, you’ll find 60 card designs that will help you create the perfect card for yourself. If you’d like to use a card for any reason at all, then this list will definitely be worth your time.

Photo Business Card Design Template

photo business card design template

Business Card Design Template

business card design template

Wedding Card Design

Wedding Invitation Card

wedding invitation card Download

Wedding Menu Card

wedding menu card Download

Free Wedding Card

free wedding card Download

Business Card Design

Free Business Card

free business card Download

Blank Business Card

blank business card Download

InDesign Business Card

indesign business card Download

Greeting Card Design

Greeting Card Envelope

greeting card envelope Download

Free Greeting Card

free greeting card Download

Blank Greeting Card

blank greeting card Download

Printable Greeting Card

printable greeting card Download

Birthday Card Design

Happy Birthday Card Design

happy birthday card Download

Frozen Birthday Card

frozen birthday card Download

Birthday Invitation Card

birthday invitation card Download

Birthday Gift Card

birthday gift card Download

Types of Cards

There are many types of cards that you can use for your own reasons. On this list, you’ll find these cards:

  • Business cards – Professional businessmen often hand out their own cards to potential clients and customers. Business cards often contain contact information of the one giving the card. Business cards are most often used by law practitioners and recruitment agents to look professional and experienced, making clients more inclined to pick them.
  • Visiting cards – In order to venture into private property, most often need an ID card design. Visiting cards provide an exception to that rule. If you have a one time guest visiting, then why go through the trouble of creating a card specifically for him? A visiting card will tell the security and people in the area that that person has access as a visitor.
  • Food menus – Restaurants go for this card all the time. Menus are a way for customers to know what the restaurant is serving and how they are priced. Menu cards are often necessary for most restaurants to keep running their business.
  • Wedding invitations – The union of two individuals under the act of God is a beautiful thing to see. Invite people to witness this event with wedding invitation cards, stylized specifically to fit the bride and groom’s idea of a perfect wedding. The event of having two in holy matrimony should be witnessed by friends and family.
  • Birthday invitations Someone’s special time of the year shouldn’t be celebrated all by his lonesome. Invite friends and family members over to help him celebrate his birthday. You can customize the birthday invitation cards to fit the theme of the party you are throwing for the birthday celebrant.
  • Recipe cards – People love good food. Many would love to be able to make the kind of food that you make exactly how you make it. You can use these recipe cards to give to others who want to cook your special dish that you’re so proud of.
  • Gift cards – Many buy gift cards to give to other people. If you’d like your shop to have gift cards—or voucher cards, as we call them—then you can use these cards to offer gift cards for your customers.
  • Invitation cards – If there’s cause for celebration of any kind, there should be guests to make any celebration feel more lively. Use invitation cards to invite people over for just about anything. The invitation cards on this list can be customized for your convenience so you can use them for any occasion.
  • Library cards – It’s important for libraries to keep track of a member’s history with them. That’s why library cards are used by librarians to know when someone borrowed a book and when they had them returned.
  • Happy holiday cards – Giving someone a greeting over the holidays can be a heartwarming gesture to tell them that you haven’t forgotten about them. Holiday cards are given mostly to friends and family members who live further away from one’s home.
  • Report cards – These are mostly used by teachers everywhere. Report cards can give awareness to the parents how their child is doing.
  • Greeting Cards – Like the holiday cards, these cards are more often given to someone far away. Greeting cards are a way of showing someone that you still remember them from afar. You can give greeting cards of just about any design you want.

Visiting Card Design

Free Visiting Card

free visiting card Download

Visiting Card Design in PSD

visiting card design psd Download

Photography Visiting Card

photography visiting card Download

Wedding Menu Card Design

DIY Menu Card

diy menu card Download

Blank Menu Card

blank menu card Download

Dinner Menu Card

dinner menu card Download

Food Menu Card

food menu card1


Party Menu Card

party menu card Download

Recipe Card Design

Free Recipe Card

free recipe card Download

Printable Recipe Card

printable recipe card Download

Blank Recipe Card

blank recipe card Download

Free Card Design

Free Birthday Card

free birthday card Download

Free Invitation Card

free card invitation Download

Free Printable Card

free printable card Download

Gift Card Design

Blank Gift Card

blank gift card Download

Gift Voucher Card

gift voucher card Download

Gift Card Envelope Design

gift card envelope design Download

Printable Card Design

Free Printable Card

free printable card1 Download

Blank Printable Card

blank printable card Download

Printable Flash Card

printable flash card Download

Printable Report Card

printable report card Download

Printable Bingo Card Design

printable bingo card design Download

Blank Card Design

Blank Bingo Card

blank bingo card Download

Blank Recipe Card Design

blank recipe card design Download

Blank Flash Card

blank flash card Download

A More Joyful Use for Cards

Greeting cards, holiday cards, invitation cards are some to name a few of the cards that are used to help people come closer together. These cards can help you reach out to others and even invite them for a special bonding experience if you so choose.

If you’re looking for a way to give a card that warms the heart, these cards will help you according to what you need them for.

A More Practical Use for Cards

With the above being said, there are some practical uses for these card designs other than just with bringing relationships closer together.

They can be used for restaurant menus, business cards, and gift cards.

  • Making menus that fit the theme of restaurants has never been any easier with these card designs. Restaurant owners can appreciate this list based on the fact that it can fit their restaurant items on the menu without much trouble since a template has already been premade for it.
  • Gift cards are sold by stores for customers who are planning to let the ones they are giving it to chose the gift for themselves. Gift cards are surprisingly popular among many stores for this reason.
  • Business cards can be appreciated by businessmen who are performing any form of services since they can give out professional business cards to help them gain clients and customers. It can give a more professional and experienced air around them that will help their clients feel confident about the service that they provide.

A Card for Every Occasion

No matter what the reason it is that you’ll be needing a card for, you’ll most certainly find the card design you’re searching for on this list. There’s about every kind of card you can possibly need. It helps that they’re easy to customize so you can make them look how you want them to be look.

Speaking of cards, if you’re interested in going deeper in card design, then you can take a look at these card templates for more.

Invitation Card Design

Party Invitation Card

party invitation card1 Download

Baby Shower Invitation Card

baby shower invitation card Download

Farewell Invitation Card

farewell invitation card Download

Thank You Card Design

Free Thank You Card

free thank you card Download

Blank Thank You Card

blank thank you card Download

Graduation Thank You Card

graduation thank you card Download

Thank You Note Card

thank you note card Download

Rustic Card Design

Rustic Business Card

rustic business card Download

Rustic Thank You Card

rustic thank you card Download

Rustic Wedding Card

rustic wedding card Download

Vintage Card Design

Vintage Business Card

vintage business card Download

Vintage Baseball Card

vintage baseball card Download

Vintage Library Card

vintage library card Download

Vintage Birthday Card

vintage birthday card Download

Anniversary Card Design

Happy Anniversary Card

happy anniversary card Download

Wedding Anniversary Card

wedding anniversary card Download

Anniversary Greeting Card

anniversary greeting card1 Download

Christmas Card Design

Free Christmas Card

free christmas card Download

Merry Christmas Card

merry christmas card Download

Christmas Greeting Card

christmas greeting card Download

The Styles of These Cards

It hardly does the card you are making any justice to have such a plain design. Unless, of course, that’s what you want the style to be in the first place. Thankfully, you can edit the card designs offered above to how you want them to look.

The cards on this list have multiple styles that you can use to customize them to fit your needs.

  • Theme – You can make a card fit a theme you want. For example, if you’re making an invitation card for a party, then making the invitation card reflect the theme of the party you are hosting will help the card have more significance to the occasion.
  • Design – You can make the card’s design into whatever you want. For example, if you’re nearing Christmas and you want to send out a Christmas greetings card, you can use snowy designs to make the card reflect more on Christmas and pay homage to it. This can really make each card relevant to what you’re sending them out for.
  • Size – If you’re making a large menu card, then the cards offered on this list can help you do just that as well so there’s no need to worry about the lack of space for your menu items. Cards of all shapes and sizes can easily be customized without much troubles.
  • Text – It can be essential to send a clear message to those whom you are sending the cards. The text of the card can be edited to fit the mood of the card’s design and theme. You can put it in cursive or italics or even bold if you want to. You can use these to make the card even more stylish with special characters written in an exotic way.

So you see how useful these card designs offered above can be? Hopefully, you managed to find a card that can be used perfectly for the occasion.

There are many variations of card designs out there. Most of the card designs offered on this list pretty much covers most of what many people need. You can come back to this list from time to time at your own leisure to find another card for the occasion if you’d like.

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