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How to Create a Wedding Card in Microsoft Word?

Wedding cards play a significant part in every wedding occasion because without them, people will be properly notified and invited to attend a particular marriage ceremony. Also, these cards help in creating an organized event like wedding table cards that are placed on each table and with a corresponding name of the guest. Moreover, according to a study, the percentage of couples that pay more than what they actually budgeted for their wedding is 50%. The average charge for wedding invitations, catering, and wedding venue is $426, $71/per person, and $16, 107 respectively. That said, you really need to invest in order to make the biggest day of your life extra special.

Hence, here are some tips and guidelines in creating a flawless Wedding Card using Microsoft Word.

1. Create with a Purpose

Creating with a purpose works best because you will have something to look up to and follow. Therefore, thoroughly think of goals and objectives. Afterward, create strategies to achieve those goals such as setting a deadline, coming up with a motif, and such. In that case, you will hit two birds with one stone because you are following your purpose while maintaining relevance.

2. Start a Discussion

Gather your team and start discussing the things that are essential to the success of your upcoming event —  such as the number of guests to attend, the amount to be spent on invitation or table card, and the appropriate design for the said cards. Obviously, weddings are not the same as a casual family gathering or sleep-over with friends. It is much more special because it is the ceremony where two people will be tied with each other in sickness, in health, and most especially, til death. That said, meticulously deliberate and collecting each other's ideas. Afterward, sort them out and start creating an outline.

3. Use your Creativity

In designing, your wedding cards, you need to be creative and visual. You may take your time visualizing your preferred design before starting to customize. Afterward, select a template to use and determine its size and orientation. The former can be in 2.25x3.5 inches or 5x7 inches plus bleed, while the latter can be in vertical or horizontal. Select wisely. Furthermore, begin designing. Use a simple yet elegant color combination, a catchy and attractive font, classy border or frame, etc. Ensure that if each element combined together are harmonious and not chaotic.

4. Do not Forget the Content

The content is the most important part of your card. Whether you have created the most attractive wedding invitation, or you have downloaded the best template, it will make no sense if you will not put details into it. Thus, carefully enter the necessary information for the completion of your card. For wedding invitations, the details include the following: names of the celebrants, date of the occasion, venue of the event, a brief description of the activity, dress code, and more. However, if it is a wedding place card, the data that should be written are only the name of the guest and the table number. 

5. Save and Print

If you are done, save your document by clicking on the File menu at the taskbar of Microsoft Word. Afterward, click on "save". Then, proceed to print your wedding cards using the appropriate printing material for best results.