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How To Create A Wedding Planner Template in Word

Getting engaged and planning to get married is meaningful and exciting. There's the expectation that this will be one of the happiest times in your life. But if it doesn't happen, it can be disappointing and sometimes shameful. Wedding planning is stressful. From finding a wedding reception to coming up with a guest list, there are a lot of things to think about. Not to mention how expensive weddings are. Aside from making sure that your budget is enough, you want to ensure that everything will turn out exactly the way you expected it to be.

Having a wedding planner is very important. This person will assist you throughout the event, such as wedding ceremony planning, decorating the venue, finding your wedding dress, ordering the cake, and more. However, you shouldn't just relay everything to your planner. You need to have a binder where you can input your to-do list and monitor everything for the upcoming wedding. Follow the steps below on how you can create a wedding planner template.

1. Wedding Overview

Open Microsoft Word and start working on your wedding overview. Here you'll list down the date of your wedding, the location of both the ceremony and reception, the time, and the number of guests, the names of your bridesmaids, groomsmen, and everyone walking down the aisle. The overview should be located on the first page of your planner.

2. Budget

Here you'll write all of the items that must be purchased, including the wedding ceremony venue and reception venue. Every item should have a description, budget, and status. For instance, the item is your wedding cake. Make a description of the cake in the description box. Input the cake amount on the budget box. On the status box, verify if it's paid or not.

3. Wedding Menu

Here you'll input the food served on your wedding day. Categorize them by type: appetizer, dessert, main course, beverage. List the food menu of the caterers that you'll be doing a food tasting. Simply put a checkmark on the food menu you like. This way, deciding who you're final choice should be would be easy.

4. To-Do List

Make a list of all the things that need to be done and analyze when to do each task. Put the date and month on top, so it's easy to track. Avoid the hassle and save time by using our event calendar templates instead. Have a checklist for this. This way, it'll be easy to determine the tasks that you've finished, from the ones you haven't done yet.

5. Guest List

The last part of your planner must be your guest list. Here you'll write down the names of your guests. Having a list of your guests is important, so you'll know if you've invited too many people or not. Remember, you have a budget. Put a checkbox beside each name. Put a checkmark if the guest confirmed that he or she could come to your big event, and an x mark if not.

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