Graduating from a course or degree is no easy task; the journey requires tons of effort and hardwork. So, when the time comes that a person has finally complied and completed the requirements for graduation; the achievement should be celebrated with a ceremony and a diploma. Honoring and recognizing graduates warrants praise that shows appreciation for the student's effort. Its only fitting that every academic institution bestows a well-designed and professionally made Diploma Certificate. If you are searching for high-quality certificates, we offer fully customizable templates that are available for download through Adobe PhotoshopIllustratorIndesignMicrosoft Word, Excel, Publisher, Apple Pages, and Google Docs.

What Is a Diploma Certificate?

A diploma certificate is a document presented by an educational institution that states an acknowledgment and certification of a person. According to an online blog from Vista College, the difference between a Diploma and a Degree is the duration of time it takes to earn them. Diploma certificates are bestowed to people to testify that they have indeed finished a course or training. Diploma courses are offered to specifically tailor a person’s level of knowledge and build on a person’s skills.

How to Make a Diploma Certificate?

According to the US National Center for Education Statistics, there are about 4 million (associate, bachelor, master, and doctoral) degrees to be given to students for the academic year 2019-2020 alone. This figure shows that multiple certificates are given away on the scheduled recognition and graduation ceremony. If you are one of the institutions that will be awarding students, you need to make a presentable certificate.

Educational institutions and facilities should give away certificates to their stakeholders to make them feel recognized and honored. A diploma is a document that needs to be well-designed and equipped with the right words.

1. Collect All Pertinent Details

Start with a checklist that enlists all the pertinent details needed for the diploma certificate. A diploma is a document that needs to state the award-giving body and the awardee along with the citations. It's always better to collect the required information first so that when proceeding with the layout, you can easily place the texts and designs.

2. Create a Header

After the information-gathering, you can proceed to create the actual document. Start with the header, and indicate the name of the institution, logo, address, among other necessary details. The header should inform people that the diploma came from the institution mentioned in that section. Diploma certificates are creative and are usually unique to each institution, although the elements included in them are the same.

Diplomas are commonly in landscape orientation, but its really up to you if you'll have it in a portrait mode. Moreover, choose a document size so that you can pick out the best paper stock for the diploma.

3. Compose the Certificate Wording

Diplomas can have simple, straight-laced, or creative wording approaches. Choose the writing style that fits your preferences and to the manner of awarding as well. Certificate wording should include the following parts, namely; presentation line, recipient section, citation, award date, and signatory lines.

4. Place Designs

Enhance the appearance of the diploma by adding in graphic designs, colors, stylistic/professional fonts, and borders. Designing an outline is not hard because printable certificate templates are available for download on this site. You have to pick the best one and customize it to your liking. However, if you want to make the designs from scratch, align the design with the established graphic elements of the high school, college, or university.

5. Indicate the Academic Seal

Check and assess the document if it contains precise details before printing. After you have completed and printed everything, don't forget to stamp the official seal, logo, or emblem, and fill the signatories to certify that the document is a legitimate and authentic copy.

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