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How to Create a Diploma Certificate in Microsoft Word

A diploma certificate is an official document that is being issued and given from an educational institution like high school, college or university. It claims as proof that the recipient has successfully completed a particular course of study. According to a trusted source, the term diploma signifies as an academic award that is given after the completion of study in different fields such as bachelor, associate, and doctorate degrees in higher education and best achievers in high school. Examples of a diploma would be a diploma in higher education, a diploma in graduation, and more.

Diploma certificates are one of the tasks that are done by any school administrators. Diploma certificates are given during the school's recognition and commencement events. These certificates are usually cherished by the one who receives it. By simply using your computer with the help of the Microsoft Word application, you will be able to make an excellent diploma certificate designs by following all the steps that are being outlined below.

1. Gather All of the Information You Need

Adequate preparation throughout the process will help you manage the task in an organized manner. The first step is to gather all of the possible information that you might need in making a diploma certificate. Start with knowing the specific type of diploma that you are aiming to create. Are you aiming to create a completion certificate? Attendance certificate? Whether you are aiming for a high school diploma, college diploma or a graduate school diploma, it is important to gather all of the following information that you need to include for the diploma certificate such as the names, levels, sections, and special awards if there's any. You must also include the school program details.

2. Be Specific with the Diploma Certificate's Layout

After gathering all of the information that you need, your next step is to decide the diploma certificate's layout. Usually, certificates follow a justified center layout and present the following information of the award as well as the name of the recipient. You can also do some research on a sample certificate for you to be guided.

3. Use a Graduation Diploma Certificate Template

For you to save a lot of time, it is best to download a diploma certificate template that you can find online. Other than saving your time, these preformatted templates will also save your money and effort in making diploma certificates from a blank canvass. You can also check some of the sample templates that are being included on this page.

4. Customize the Chosen Template

After choosing the specific template, it is time to customize the template. By using Microsoft Word, edit the template with the specified school or university name as well as the logo design, letterhead design, and the institution's address. Replace the text placeholder with the specified certificate phrases that will match the type of diploma certificate that you are creating. Do not forget to review the diploma certificate before saving the final design.

5. Print the Diploma on a High-Quality Paper

For the last step, choose a specific high-quality paper for printing. Choose the paper that would render the printing ink well and withstand over a period of time. The perfect your diploma certificate will be, the more it will be considered special for the recipient.

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