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How to Create an Editable Certificate in Photoshop?

Certificates bear a great significance in our lives. This type of document comes in handy when proving that something is entirely factual. In companies and academic institutions, the higher officials award certificates to exemplary employees and students. It has been revealed that recognizing achievements, however great or small, motivates people to continue their chosen path. Also, people in the business industry make use of certificates as an alternative to cash. This type of certificate is referred to as a gift certificate.

Other examples of certificates are as follows: certificate of appreciation, participation, attendance, employment, and completion. Regardless of the type of certificate you are going to make, we have outlined a step-by-step guide to help you with the process.

1. Know the Purpose

Before you create a certificate, you first have to know what is it for. Ask yourself, is it to congratulate a student for a job well done? Is it to give an award to an outstanding employee? Or to attest the membership or affiliation of an individual to a particular organization? This step is essential for you to determine without difficulty what specific information you should incorporate in the certificate’s content.

2. Gather Information

After you determine the purpose of the certificate, start gathering the information needed for its content. For a certificate of recognition, you need to have the full names of the awardees, name of the award entitled to them, date and time of the recognition event, and the signatories.

3. Choose a Template

Instead of writing the citations or wordings from scratch, you may look through our website and download our ready-made certificate templates. Here in template.net, we have every certificate you need—from certificate of baptism to certificate of deed or diploma. Our templates come with original artworks, fonts, and content.

4. Launch Adobe Photoshop

In making customizations on the template’s content, it is best if you make use of Adobe Photoshop. This editing program features multiple tools that would enable you to modify the design in any way you want. To start with your editing process, launch Adobe Photoshop and open the template you recently downloaded. Then, input the information you have collected beforehand. One thing certificates have in common is the recipient’s name—make sure that it is spelled correctly.

5. Attach Additional Visual Elements

If you are creating a certificate of excellence for a school, it is vital to include the logo of the institution or university. You may also attach the logo of the specific department which granted the award. Aside from the logo, you may also add a letterhead. Letterheads help highlight the award-giving body. Moreover, certificates may also have a subtle background design or a border.

6. Save

Proofread the content, finalize its design, and save. To save a file in Adobe Photoshop, click File > Save As. After which, choose a file format from the Format menu. It is highly suggested to save two copies of your document; one in image/pdf file format and one in Photoshop file format. The document in image/pdf file format is ideal for printing since it maintains the layout of the certificate. On the other hand, saving the file in PSD allows you to edit when necessary. Finally, print the file on a high-quality paper stock or card stock.