How to Create an Editable ID Card in Adobe Photoshop

An identification card or identity card is a handy tool to prove a person's identification. Everyone has their ID cards, may it be as an ID for company ID proof, employee job card, school ID, employment card, volunteer card, membership card, or any ID. Nowadays, not only people who have ID Cards but pets can have too. Some pet owners will give their pets a pet ID tag so that in case their pets will get lost; someone will return the pet to them upon reading the ID tag. Whatever your purpose on making your ID Card, you can use our beautifully designed ID Cards above for your convenience. We also have prepared six steps below for you to follow in making your ID Card.

1. Think Ahead

Before you start crafting your ID Card, why not think or plan all of it. Think first what design you would like, the information you will indicate, and even the materials you will be using in making the ID Card — thinking first before the actual making will give you benefits.

2. Start the Design

Since you have already planned out everything, starting your layout design will be more comfortable. There are a lot of things to consider when you do the design. These will be the ID Card size, font size, the background, and how to format the details that will be inserted in the ID. The standard ID card size is 3.370 inches wide and 2.125 inches high. The standard thickness of an ID is 0.030 inches, but if you want a more flexible ID Card, you can adjust the width into 20-24 mil. As for the font size, it is advisable to use 10-11 pt size. When you edit the background, it will be better if you use your company or school logo as a background. To make your job easier, use Adobe Photoshop because the software is easy to navigate.

3. Insert the Information

In an ID Card, it needs the necessary information from the owner. You can input the complete name, address, and contact information. If you are making a student ID, you can place the Student ID number. For a company ID, set the position of the employee. Also, do not forget to include the signature of the owner because the signature is one of the proofs of identification.

4. Place the Photo

Of course, the photo is essential. This is to make sure that the one who is holding the ID is not a fake owner. Remember that the photo that will be placed in the ID needs to be formal. Place the picture together with the name of the person at the front part of the ID.

5. Include a Barcode

The bar code is useful for extra security. Inserting a customize barcode on the ID will avoid someone to jeopardize and reproduce fake IDs. The barcodes are usually placed at the bottom front or back part of the ID

6. Print in High Quality

The ID is an important document, so it needs to be of high quality. It is advised to let professional printing businesses to do the printing because they are experts in this field. Do not forget to suggest to them to use PVC Plastics as the material of your ID.

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