How to Make a Printable Certificate in Adobe Illustrator

It is a document that recognizes outstanding employees, volunteers, learners, and even managers for their tough job is an essential building block for good working relationships in any organization. It is important that one is certified as it proves that a person is qualified to take on certain jobs or to prove that he/she has managed to accomplish something. Other than that, another reason for handing over a certificate is to show gratitude to another. Whether the expression of appreciation comes with a reward, are provided at a ceremony, or are presented at a regular conference including a certificate, will offer a lasting memory to the receiver to remind them of the job they have accomplished, the gratitude they have earned, and the beneficial impacts they've had on the individuals around them.

You can customize the certificate design to fit every occasion by creating your own certificate, incorporating your branding, and reuse personalized templates for different events. Show the creativeness and values of your brand with a unique design of the certificate. Outlined below are easy steps that will teach you the certificate creation process using Adobe Illustrator. Here's how!

1. Use a Certificate Template

First things first, look for templates the certificate you're about to make. This can be anything from academic certificates, award certificates, employment certificates, and more. Choose a template that talks to your event's theme and mood. Is this an impressive student prize? Respectful recognition of a veteran employee's accomplishment? For a company event or training? Or a playful inside joke award? Make use of templates to make your job easier in making your own certificate. However, Pro offers different templates that will surely match your needs.

2. Select a Font

A decorated font is the best way to capture readers ' attention. By typing the recipient's name in a daring, festive font, make the certificate recipient feel special. Find fonts that are playful, pleasant, and business-appropriate, or something in between, depending on the purpose of your certificate. Make sure to make your fonts larger.

3. Add Icons and Images

Use a carefully selected icon to incorporate that finishing touch to your printable certificate design. Make sure to select icons and images according to your needs and purpose. Choose images from any website that offers background layout or pictures. If you like, you can even include your business's logo into the certificate if you deem it appropriate. Make sure to save it from your desktop so that you can use it later.

4. Incorporate Appropriate Authorities

Receiving a certificate signed by specific individuals from the authority will make the certificate more valuable. If you are making a school certificate, it looks more authentic if it's signed by your school principal or superintendent.

5. Proofread

Proofreading minimizes the risk of errors, eliminates imperfections, punctuation marks, and grammatical errors that adversely affect the organization's image and reputation. Review everything, including your spelling and grammar.

6. Get them Printed

Know your paper alternatives before you start printing certificates so that you can choose the finish that best suits your purpose. What's more, knowing which document to pick as the correct paper can also prevent fraud with safety characteristics that make it hard to change without damaging the text or pictures.

Parchment paper is frequently used to print certificates of achievement, awards, and other similar documents as a certificate paper. By distinctive and mottled appearance, it gives your documents a theme of value.

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