Besides private individuals, medical certificates are of great significance for employees and students. These certificates are made as proper documentation to use for sick leaves or leaves of absence from classes or employment. To help your medical organization or institution create a first-rate medical certificate, download one of our ready-made medical certificate templates for free. These files are easily editable and 100% customizable in all versions of Adobe Illustrator. Choose template designs for health certificates, doctor certificates, medical internship certificates, dental certificates, fitness certificates, medical leave certificates, and more. Aside from that, these templates are also printable and available in (US) 8.5x11 inches with bleed. It’s fast, easy, convenient, and gets the job done. Save your time and effort with one of our templates. Download one now for free!

How to Create a Medical Certificate illustrator

A medical certificate, “med cert” for short, is also referred to as a doctor’s certificate. It is a written statement from a doctor, physician, or other medically-qualified healthcare providers who attest to the medical examination of a patient. In school, students are required to provide medical certificates to excuse them from their classes. While business companies, an employee is required to get a medical certificate that would serve as a sick note or evidence of a health condition.

In the US, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has recorded 4.2 million workers to have illness-related work absences for the year 2018. The number is too high, but it’s true. From this fact alone, there’s a need to create sample certificates to help you make proper documentation or statement for leaves of absence for the employees. Thus, using our ready-made medical certificate templates would be of great help for you to produce med certs for a student or an employee. To get the job right, we’ll help you through these easy steps:

1. The Right Medical Certificate Template

Medical certificate templates can help you with your job easy and right. You only have to choose which of the listed templates are best for your hospital or clinic. Aside from the content that is written professionally, the templates also made use of unique designs and layout. You can keep the premade information; otherwise, change them to more appropriate ones during the medical examination.

2. Download to Add the Details

The list of certificate templates are all printable and downloadable for free. In order for you to enjoy the benefits, click the “Start Downloading” button. It won’t cost you money to get your job right as you follow the right medical certificate format with the use of these templates.

3. Personalize by Inputting the Right Information

With the rise of technology, medical certificates are no longer challenging to fill out. You can have it customized using a computer or a mobile phone instantly. Get to create easily by inputting necessary information in the medical certificate template. The information may include the patient’s name, the date, the diagnosis, and others. Make sure to have it printed with the right information and correct details.

4. A Logo Should Be Added

Clinics and hospitals have logos to either promote their brand or personalize whatever materials produced by a medical institution or organization. With that, add a high-quality logo to the medical certificate. This will also be the basis of whether the med cert provided is legitimate or fake. To avoid scam and fake medical certificates, incorporating a logo would be the best thing to do.

5. Leave Spaces for Signatures and Others

You don’t have to fill everything out when you edit the template. Just make it ready for other patients. The patient’s name, date, and diagnosis may vary from one person to another, and you have to input them differently and separately. Make room for doctors or physicians' signatures also.

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