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What Is a Medical ID Card?

What this card does is that it helps determine who is an employee or staff member of a particular medical establishment. This is very useful for differentiating both patients and visitors to the doctors, nurses, and all other professions involved in the medical working field. It's also a great tool for knowing who can gain access to certain facilities, equipment, and materials within the medical establishment.

How to Make a Medical ID Card in Illustrator

1. Think of Both the Design and Orientation

You'll want to start with the orientation considering that how you'll go about the design will be based on it. Decide whether you should go for with an ID card that displays all of its information horizontally or vertically. One factor that can help you determine what to go for is the amount of information the card will have. When you've decided on the orientation, then you can jump straight to the design. You want to go with one that also considers the amount of information that has to be displayed, and one that presents everything in an organized and professional manner. If you don't exactly know what to go for, then remember that you can always choose an ID card template with a design you like and use it.

2. Place Information About the Medical Establishment

Start by placing the complete name of the hospital or whatever medical establishment you're making the ID cards for. Then you can provide other details such as the complete address in which it is located and its contact information. Make sure to include an email address and phone number. Also, include the establishment's logo into the card. Use one that is of high quality and make sure that it's just the right size so that it doesn't take up unnecessary space.

3. Include information on the Card Owner

There have to be spaces where you can place the complete name and date of birth of the card owner. If it's meant for an employee, then you'll need to consider additional spaces for where you can place that employee's job position title and employee ID number. Lastly, include a picture of the owner at the front of the card. You'll want it to be displayed somewhere around the center as it should be the first thing one sees when looking at the ID card. Much like the logo, you'll want to use a high-quality image and that it's just the right size.

4. Implement Security Features

Considering the fact that a medical establishment that facilities and equipment that should not be used by those who do not have the authorization, you'll need to include certain security features into your ID cards. Put in magnetic strips or bar codes that can be scanned with card readers as it's both useful and removes the need for hiring additional security personnel. And also, always make sure that there is a space where you can place the signature of the card's owner. It's on one of the best features for ensuring that nobody is able to create copies of the ID card.

5. Utilize Adobe Illustrator

If you're going to make an ID card, then one of the best programs to use would definitely be Adobe Illustrator. It helps you focus more on the design and layout aspect, ensuring that it allows you to make the card's design exactly the way you want to. Remember that you can always use it to open and edit a template if you don't really know how to start making an ID card. The fact that it has all the tools you need to do so should make things much easier for you. You can also look up videos that help you use the program effectively if you think you need them.

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