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How to Make a Membership Certificate in Adobe Illustrator

A membership certificate is a document certifying and proving that an individual or a thing is a part of a certain group or organization. Membership certificates are given when an individual is a new member or an active member of the organization. This certification will clarify that an individual belongs to a specific organization. Examples of membership certificate include the church membership, honorary membership, and much more to mention.

A membership certificate doesn’t need to be made by a professional graphic designer. You can simply create membership certificates all by yourself at home or at the office by using Adobe Illustrator. If you are aiming to create one, then let us help you with the process by relying on our step-by-step instructions below.

1. Gather All of the Necessary Information

As you start crafting your membership certificate, you must first gather all of the necessary information that you need for your certificate. You have to rectify this information to avoid inaccurate details. This necessary information includes the name of the member, the length of time of how long he or she has been part of the group, or a particular position. You can also elaborate on the active participation of the member in the organization. Other information includes the date, time, and venue of where the certificates will be given.

2. Browse for a Membership Certificate Examples

If you are aiming to have a high-resolution certificate, it is best to browse for a downloadable membership certificate template that will assist you with the whole process easier. Choose an editable certificate that best relates to your own organization. These templates come with free special features such as layout designs, customizable suggestive contents, fonts, and more. If you want to make from a blank scratch, feel free to do so.

3. Customize the Downloaded Template

The next thing to do is to customize your downloaded template. Launch your Adobe Illustrator application for you to get started and choose for a specific orientation for your membership certificate. This orientation comes with a portrait or vertical certificate style. After that, you can start with customizing the design elements according to your own preferences or according to your organization’s motif. For instance, if you want to make a modern certificate, make sure to include modern-themed designs, fonts, images, and color schemes. You must take note of the consistency of your design and do not overcrowd your certificate with many designs.

4. Finalize the Membership Certificate

Now that you have finally gathered all of the necessary information as well as customizing the membership certificate’s layout designs, it is time for you to finalize the overall content. Review your membership certificate from top to bottom and make sure to check if there are some obvious errors. If you need to improve your sample certificate, feel free to redo the errors and designs.

5. Print Everything Out and Distribute

Now that your certificate is printable, the last step is to prepare the following materials for printing and the special paper stock for you to use. Have your printable membership certificate printed and distribute them on the designated day of giving the certificates.

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