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How to Create a Sports Certificate in Illustrator

Statistics reveal that as of 2017, about 19% of the U.S. population was active in sports and exercise daily. On average, Americans spent half an hour a day doing sport, training, and recreation. Staying fit, losing weight, optimizing strength and/or stamina, and having a better-looking body are some of the major reasons why people in the U.S. exercise, work out or practice sports. With so many benefits, you can add one more perk. Present a certificate for a triumphant completion of a sports career and other athletic ventures.

In this short article, we presented useful tips to create and produce compelling and professional certificates that you may use to recognize someone's achievement, completion, and participation in a sports activity.

1. Plan your Certificate

Planning must be done first. You need to determine what type of sports certificates you are going to create. This includes but not limited to sports achievement certificates, participation certificates, completion certificates, and many more. As they vary from one another, you need to look for one that is suitable for your need depending on the circumstances. For instance, a basketball team completed a one-month training. To recognize their effort, you may present a sports certificate of completion.

2. Note All the Key Information that you Need to Include

To make your sports certificate more meaningful, you have to take note of the essential details you need to write or type in the certificate. This serves as the main content that commends the individual of the exemplary skill or performance throughout the process. Whether it is a sportsmanship award certificate or a sports achievement certificate, the goal is to create a remarkable detail or content that is worth treasuring and can be used in future endeavors. This includes both the name of the recipient and the award-giving body or sports organization.

3. Design your Sports Certificate

Make it unique. Whether you are to create a sports certificate for a basketball, football or volleyball games, you have to choose the best and suitable design and layout to make it more creative and appealing. For instance, when creating kids sports certificate, designs may include cute and kiddie stuff. Take note, the certificate's design should match the sports event you are representing.

4. Download Suitable Sports Certificate Templates and Edit it in Illustrator

If you are having a difficult time crafting design and layout for your sports award certificate, check these easily editable templates given on this website. You're welcome to browse through them and choose a template design that you think is suitable for your needs. After that, you may edit and customize it in Adobe Illustrator. Aside from it works on almost any computer system, it also provides a helpful user interface. A business blog reveals that using Illustrator will give you an extra level of flexibility when working to customize your overall workspace. It can print layouts, create stunning website graphics, and give users complete control over their typography.

5. Print with Quality

After you have done all the necessary tasks, print the certificates. Just a tip, always save the document in 300 dpi (dots per inch) for best quality. Also, choose the Print-PDF option when downloading your file. It is best to pick and utilize the right paper stock to guarantee durability.

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