How to Create a Sports Brochure in Adobe Illustrator

Sports brochures, like sports flyers, are one of the most effective promotional tools used by sports companies. Despite the arrival of the digital era, the use of brochures is still effective today as they always have been. Sports brochures can help advertise training programs, leagues, and competitions for basketball, volleyball, football, soccer, tennis, and other sports. To find out how to create your own sports brochure, just follow these steps.

1. Determine What Sport You Want to Promote

Because there is a wide variety of sports, you’re going to have to first decide which one you will be creating a brochure for. Although you can be specific about the sport of your choosing, you can actually incorporate more so long as there is an event involved. The spectators will want to know what to expect.

2. Decide on the Brochure Folds

Brochures usually have folds, but the number of folds would have to vary on your content. A simple twofold (bifold) brochure is ideal for the likes of a single sporting event while a threefold (trifold) brochure can cover up a sports fest or training program.

3. Create a Series of Rough Drafts

Before you begin designing, you need to make a series of rough drafts to help you decide which would be the best option for your brochure. The purpose of the rough draft is to create several layouts and finding which one would be the best choice. While creating your layout, you have to ensure that the design suits the space given in your folds. You can use Adobe Illustrator to create your drafts so you can easily add your design over it.

4. Prepare the Content of Your Brochure

When you decide on the sports you’ll be promoting, you have to start thinking of the content for your brochure. Inform the reader of what’s happening like whether it’s a sports fest, a competition for a specific sport, or whether the games will be held indoors or outdoors. Also, include what the athlete will need to bring if they are participating.

5. Creating the Design

The advantage of Adobe Illustrator is that you can work over the draft you already made, whether it’s done in Illustrator or you’ve scanned a sketch. When designing, consider what elements you need to add like the images, the font, and the colors. For the image, you have the option to use stock images or take photographs of your own. It’s usually better to do the latter as it gives the reader an idea of what happened in previous events. An alternative to photographs would be vector illustrations. Adobe Illustrator is used for vector images so you can open a separate tab to make your illustrations.

For your colors, try to avoid using black; it makes the brochure look too flat. If it’s an outdoor sport, you can use green or blue. You can even utilize a kaleidoscope of colors such as the ones used in FIFA World Cup posters. Lastly, the font you use can be in bold. You can use formal fonts too or the most common one for athletic-related events, Raleigh Gothic.

5. Format and Printing

Before printing out your brochure, check if there are any elements in Illustrator that is outside of the box. The problem with Illustrator is that if you leave out any object, then it places it outside of the exported image. So you need to review and check for any misplaced elements. Also, keep your color setting to CMYK so that the output won’t change in color when you have it printed out.

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