Promote your fun summer sports events, whether it is a football match, soccer league, or volleyball tournament. Grab the opportunity to advertise your team’s anniversary game or your local community’s fundraising sports fest! Maximize the marketing opportunity and open invitations by distributing awesome sports flyers! We care for you, and that is why we have our ready-made sports flyers templates just for you. Spare yourself from the drag of starting from scratch. Our flyers are professionally designed and printable for your convenience. Plus, they are easy to use and customizable for your added creative inputs. Avail our sample flyers now, and start to tell people about your upcoming event!

What is a Sports Flyer

A sports flyer is an advertisement tool. And just like any flyer, it aims to promote an event, specifically sports. Usually, events organizers distribute these around like pamphlets to passers-by. Also, it is created together with a corresponding poster to maximize information dissemination fully. It even functions as an open yet cordial invitation.

How to Create a Sports Flyer in Illustrator

Grabbing people’s attention and spicing up curiosity for would-be goers must be the focus of your flyers. If they fail to entice and invite, then maybe they need to go back to the drawing board. Have people attend by letting your flyers stick to their tight schedules! Follow the steps below to create that eye-grabbing flyer!

1. Know the Event

Sit down, grab your pen, and think. Your flyer is about something. Go to your crafted plan. Was it a youth’s football division competition or a basketball friendly with different religious groups? Were you in the meeting when your events organizer told you about the event? Or, if you are the events organizer, ask again about the specs. Finalize it first in your head so that you will not lose your way.

2. Tell Details

Familiarize the specs, write a concise list, and select the essentials. Your flyer will inevitably say something. While on the thinking process, it is good to jot down all peculiarities. Do not forget the staple such as who, what, where, and when. Provide those for your future audience for them to successfully attend.

3. Get Sponsors

View your contacts, get product brochures, and surf the internet. Do know that sports events are significant business opportunities. You need to gather all possible information about potential sponsors. Do you know a friend who owns a snack stall? Give that friend a call! Invite her business to your event. If your friend says: "Yes!", then print the business logo and let the collaboration cover some of the expenses. Rinse and repeat! But this time, try to go for more prominent companies. Again, make it a business opportunity.

4. Make it Fly

Make it light, have it handy, and print! Your printed flyers have to be portable. Easy for you to carry around in numbers while distributing, and easy for people to receive. Although littering is terrible, do not intend to do so. Make it light that when it flies, people can notice and have a peak. Once people can see it, then cheers to the wind which helped! Even better, when a considerable crowd shows up on the event proper. Sometimes you have to wonder why they are called flyers anyway?

5. Let it Stick

Make it glossy, make it shine, and make it last! Your flyers must endure long enough for people to decide and commit to your event. Prevent tear and repel the moist, these two should make your flyers stick for awhile. It is even more helpful if it is postable. Just imagine that it is on someone’s home held to a corkboard. So, let it stick like a sturdy poster!

6. Apply Art

Brush some blue, paint some green, and flash that orange! Your flyers must be the perfect eye-candy. Invite and evoke the mood. Let them read and see clearly. Use colors with a purpose, and that is to invite, entice, soothe, and appease.

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