How to Create a Church Flowchart in Google Docs

An organized church is well-structured and well-managed by the leaders themselves. It also takes a good leader in the ministry to keep the church moving. However, a process must be followed to avoid misunderstandings and miscommunications among the members. Below are steps you can use to create a church flowchart:

1. Know the Number of Ministries

Ministries are present in the church organization. These include the women's, men's, youth, music, campus, young adults, discipleship, or any types of ministries to keep the church growing and operating. Without these ministries, the organization is stagnant. Hence, keep a list for each group.

2. Identify the Church Leaders

You must identify the number of leaders who handled the ministry so that you will know if the church ministry is functioning or not. It is also helpful if you would also identify if the leaders are handling internal or external organizations or any type of group in which the congregation is involved.

3. Determine the Activities and Events

There is also a need for you to list down the activities and events that your church organization is doing and participating. These include wedding, baptism, anniversary event, and other activities.

4. Open Google Docs

Open the Google Docs on your computer. Utilize the tools such as shapes, lines, and colors. Now, it's time for you to organize the process of the church after getting the details. Arrange it according to its organizational structure and management. You can also put a design on your chart layout.

5. Implement the Chart

Then, save and print your flowchart. Present it to the leaders and the congregation. If they approved it, then it's a rule that people should follow. You can put the church flowchart in your bulletin board so that anyone can see or you may post it at the office.

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