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How to Write a Construction Cover Letter?

A construction cover letter is your entry weapon when applying for a job or sending a project proposal. Do you know that 86% of executives think that cover letters are valuables during job applications? Therefore, you have to impress the reader even in the first few glances they make on your cover letter.

Whether you’re a fresh graduate, entry-level applicant, a manager, or someone who’s dreaming to get that construction management role, writing an effective cover letter is a must. We have laid out the most important elements of an effective cover letter.

1. Composition

Take note, your aim is to catch the attention of your readers the first time they lay down their eyes on your construction cover letter or proposal. Who would want to read a sentence with a disorganized appearance? In the employment and business world, every document must have a proper structure.

The organization of thoughts is vital in writing your cover letter. The composition establishes a visual impression. It should send a message to the readers to look and read on your output.

2. Readability

In writing, you will be taught how to write simply. Why is that? It’s because it will be easy conveying your message when both of you understand the words. You don’t use IT jargons to non-techy person, or legal jargon to medical personnel. Expect a confused expression and furrow eyebrows from your audience when you do that. To make your output reader-friendly, you have to use words known to your target readers.

3. Clarity

Avoid vagueness. Ask yourself, why do you want this job or even that small business deal? Then, you should emphasize that in your construction cover letter. Don’t add insignificant wordings in it. So, what should you do to make sure of the clarity of your cover letter? Be consistent with the flow of your sentence. Don’t go jumping from one thought to another.

4. Active Voice

Imagine watching a movie that all the actor does is sleep? It will bore you to death, for sure. So too are the readers of your construction cover letter. Choose the right verbs. You also need to avoid add-on words which makes your sentence longer yet still expresses the same meaning. Also, stop beating around the bush and be straightforward instead. It’s important to sound professional even in your letter.

5. Grammar Errors

Ever heard about Grammar Pedantry Syndrome? This is a condition of people who always have the urge to correct someone’s grammar. And the possibility of encountering them is huge.

Your readers are highly-educated individuals. That goes without saying that they will prefer a document without grammar errors. While it is true that there are some who don’t mind, it’s still safe to double-check your work for grammar issues.

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