A proposal basically means a suggestion, specifically written as a formal document, laid forward for consideration or discussion by people. A construction proposal includes the undertaking of a construction project and starts with cost estimates from blueprints and material takeoffs. If you intend to create a proposal to get your construction project sanctioned, wait no more. Here at Template.net, we have created a variety of construction proposal templates for every kind of construction project. What's more? They are all available in your favorite formats like Word, Pages, Docs for your ease. Instantly download and insert your data to prepare a perfect proposal for your construction business. Hurry!

How to Make a Construction Proposal?

construction proposal template

A construction proposal is supposed to vividly "paint a picture" or details of what you are expected to build or what your project looks like. And not just visualization, a construction proposal also protects all sides involved in the construction project. It may sound overwhelming, but we have made a guideline for you to follow. These easy steps will make your way in making a good construction proposal. Check on the list so you'll be bucketed.

1. Scope of Work

The scope of work is the outline of all the things that you intend to do in the duration of the project. This is very important so you'll be prevented from laboring on the work that you are not supposed to be doing. Make sure to detail the scope of work, work schedule, and make a concise statement specifying works that need to be done. Effectively putting down the scope of work will prevent you from doing extra works that were not agreed upon.

2. The Proposal

It is suggested that before starting your construction project proposal, make sure to the local administration or the licensing authority to ask some input and advice. The reason for this is because there are legal boundaries governing depending where you make your project. Always remember to comply with the requirements of the licenses and permits. Some localities or states have their own proposal template. Yet you can customize your own considering legal boundaries.

3. Scope of Work

A construction proposal's scope of work usually includes the following: owner information, the scope of work for that project, payment schedule, and start to finish dates. Take time to make this part of the proposal. Make sure that you clearly state every term. This is where you need to pay most attention to because this section will serve as the backbone of your project. Failing to make a good proposal could be bad for the construction project you are proposing.

4. Specifications

By the word itself, you have to be very specific with specifications. This is basically the detailed description and a complete list of the design and materials used to establish the project. Don't miss out on anything that you want to include in your projects such as measurements of materials, descriptions of designs, and accessories and fixtures.

5. Alterations

In a construction proposal, there are unpredictable alterations in materials that can happen; this is called the change of order. Yet many contractors make this as a strategy to make up their money. Make sure that before making the project proposal you have to do a lot of research with regards to and especially to material prices because they are the most likely to be altered.

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