Construction ID cards may look small, but it has the ability in allowing you to enter a construction site. It may be a hand-carry tool, but it has the power to secure a construction company. Make your company secure by producing a construction ID to your employees and also for the site visitors. With the help of our easily-editable Construction ID Card template, you can create a high-quality ID card that will improve the security of your company. What's more? They are all available in your favorite file formats like MS Word, Apple Pages, Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop. Download one now and start modifying the template until you deem it ready for printing. Hurry while it lasts!

How to Create a Construction ID Card?

construction id card template

A construction ID card is issued by a construction company to its employees and sometimes for their visitors. It is used for security monitoring of the people entering their building or construction site. It is either in landscape or portrait style and must always be carried upon entering and while inside the location. According to Small Business, construction businesses and companies garnered at least $1 billion of losses in their accounts. And this is fastly growing by 10% each year. With that, construction sites are pressured to secure their place in whatever ways they can. One way that contributed a lot to enhance their security is by providing their employees and visitors an ID Card. It may be tiny in size, but it holds the power of securing the place. Construction ID Cards can both benefit the bearer and the company with its security benefits. If you are having a hard time with the ID card format, then take the time to consider our tips below.

1. Prepare a Plan

To avoid future major errors, planning ahead is the key. In this step, draft first the layout, the size, the design, and the branding of your ID card. Doing so will allow you to think a lot of better ways of improving the appearance of your ID Card. Looking for sample ID cards online will also help you decide on the layout of your ID card.

2. Look for Templates

To save time and effort in creating your desired corporate ID card, the best advice we can offer is by looking and downloading for editable identification card templates. A customizable ID card templates can provide you with a lot of benefits compared to starting from zero. You can tweak the design and outline of your chosen template instead of outlining it without reference. Just select one of our array of downloadable templates above and modify it as your own.

3. Incorporate Branding

Identification cards must represent the company. In order to achieve this, you must insert the company branding. You can use the logo of your company as a background of your ID card. The company name and address will be best placed as a header of the card. If you are confused about where to place the branding of your company, you can look for college IDs as your reference.

4. Enhance the Security

Aside from the purpose of identification, agent ID cards are also mainly for security and safety purposes. To lessen the loss of accounts inside the site or field of construction, securing the place is the best way. Your simple ID card will help with that if you make it with a security bar code or magnetic strip reader. These things will be useful because a visitor or an employee can only enter the construction premises if the bar code or the magnetic stripe matches the scanner of the building's entrance.

5. Write the Employee's Details

Identification cards are also considered as documents. Hence, the information of the bearer must be included in the card. The name of the employee, worker or subcontractor, contact information, and address are the most important things that must be seen in your creative ID card. Construction ID cards are just the same with employee ID cards, where you can include their job position.

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