The identification of employees at the construction site is very important. Specific areas must have proper security so that only the people who are qualified to be there can access it. If you are looking to implement IDs but want to do it quickly and easily, then you’ve come to the right place! Check out our Free Ready-Made Construction ID Card Templates in Word where you can create an ID card in a few minutes thanks to its user-friendly features. Thanks to its selection of fonts and graphics, you can create an ID card reflecting your construction company. And with its suggestive content, you can make this up in no time! Start building security in your company by downloading this now!

How to Create a Construction ID Card in Microsoft Word?

Using identification cards for the various employees in a construction company is a common practice by many corporate organizations. Surprisingly, the common identification document of citizens in the United States is their driver’s license. If you’re having some challenges on where to start on a construction ID card, here are some tips you can follow:

1. Construct the ID Format

Another good way to get started on your ID card is to come up with its overall appearance. Plan out the positions of the logo, the photo, and the color scheme of the background. You may add the company’s color scheme to reinforce company branding. Decide whether the ID will be in a portrait or landscape orientation. Another suggestion you may follow is color-coding for specific employees. For example, you may assign different colored ID cards to specific employees so they can recognize what they do right away, like assigning a blue ID card to engineers, a green ID card for those who handle transport, and red ID cards who work in hazardous work.

2. Add Your Company Logo

One way to ensure that the Identity card belongs to the company is by adding the logo/symbol or a construction sign. You can place it on either side you prefer, as long as it is visible and clear enough for identification. With the template’s choices and Microsoft Word’s features, you’ll be able to include your own choice of color, style, and font of the logo however you like. Doing this will give it a professional look, as well as be instantly recognizable by security and fellow employees.

3. Name and Brand

If you wish to use the ID Cards as a form of a construction marketing strategy as well, you may add in the name of the construction company in big letters, so that people who see your employees can check out your organization and possibly become potential clients. Make sure the company name on the ID is in a readable font and the right color.

4. Decide Based on Security

Depending on the strict level of identification, you may plan out what will be incorporated into the ID card. You may use specific colors and perhaps an intricate design into the card to make sure it is not forged easily. Examples of going about this are the use of barcodes or using colored tags that’ll allow ID cardholders to pass through electronic security. If your company uses biometrical security, then you may also add in space for employees to add their fingerprint onto the ID card for that extra security access provided.

5. Add Information

An employee’s personal information should be added to the ID card. That way fellow employees and security personnel can easily identify them. You may allocate space for their name, job title, designated department, contact number, signature, and photo. Another thing you can do is add additional information on the backside of the ID card should you choose to go for a dual-sided design, such as emergency contact numbers or company statements. Doing all this ensures the employee’s legitimacy in being a member of the construction company, and can also allow anyone to reach out if the employee loses their ID card.

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