How to Create a Construction ID Card in Adobe Illustrator?

The availability of modern devices and ways of breaching one an identity through ID cards makes one think how prevalent identity theft crime can impact one's life, particularly in security measures. According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in the United States, with over 3 million reported cases of fraud-related cases during 2018, identity theft ranked third in the fraud category, which accounted for 14.85% of cases. Not to mention, the top in the category list, which is the imposter scams.

Knowing the presented facts above would mean that you should take a serious account on your construction company's identification card, especially if you're still aiming to create one. That's why we gathered a simple guideline on how you can craft and enhance the security of your business ID card. Freely refer below and take notes on the crucial parts that will help you.

1. Plan your ID Card's Design

Determining your ID card's design would depend on your preferences and style. You can opt to have a generic and plain ID card design, or you can refer to multiple design references all over the internet. However, it is still best if your card mirrors your business' branding. With this, list down the design elements that you want to subsume into your identification card. Using a checklist, jot down the color scheme, logo, font, or vector artwork that would contain your desired ID card. Regardless of your chosen design elements, keep in mind that these elements must strengthen your ID card's presentation.

2. Draft the Layout

Using a separate sheet, you can now begin drafting the layout structure of your ID card, following your determined card design. In crafting your identification card's layout, you should consider first the type of ID orientation that you can opt to utilize and you can also look for some construction posters or brochures for some suggestions. Knowing whether you want to have a landscape or portrait ID format orientation allows you to establish your overall card creation. Afterward, you can now structure your draft by subsuming your determined ID card design.

3. Finalize your Card

You cannot obtain your construction ID card if you don't sort it digitally. Using your acquired draft, start arranging your ID card's final appearance by enhancing its design elements using your application's layout tools. Don't forget to prioritize space for your card's essential information. Vital details such as the name of your company, holder name, card number, and other particular ID info are the things that you need to consider first. Still, don't set aside the overall presentation of your employee ID card.

4. Enhance the Card's Security Feature

Avoiding the risk of identity fraud and other security issues is your main concern in creating one identification card. Here's a fact, a simple identification picture alone doesn't guarantee the safest security measure, especially with the availability of skimming devices. With this, prevent the possibility of ID fraud by adding new ways of improving the card's security. Including a security barcode, magnetic stripe, hologram, or micro texts are your choices to improve your card into a modern ID card.

5. Create a Thorough Plan

So that you can properly execute your strategy in maintaining your identification card's effectiveness and efficiency, considering an action plan is your best resort. Having a concrete action plan for your ID card creation allows you to oversee the sequences of you have to take, particularly for the security aspect of your identification card.

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