Any single moment within a time is a major lost when missed.  Thus, in every project management, the use of timelines is strictly followed to meet deadlines and attain deliverables at the most desired time, without any compromisation. Particularly for your construction project use, we made you these Ready-Made Construction Timeline Templates for your absolute convenience. Take exclusive use on its effective and practical preformatted elements by our professionals. More so, these are easily editable in MS Word, Pages, and Google Docs, that you can print in an instant as well! Grab yours now while still available! Subscribe today!

How to Create a Construction Timeline?

construction timeline template

A Construction Timeline is a graphical alignment of the series of significant events pertaining to the construction project. They are set as to how these events happen. Before a construction project is set to construct, a valid timeline is required to make sure each of its operations is feasible within the allocated time. If you are on your way to creating a timeline for your construction project, here are your useful key points to consider.

1. Collect All the Details

It is ideal for collecting first all the details that you will incorporate in your construction timeline first for your convenience in making a layout out of it. Make a construction checklist. Meet with your team and gather the relevant dates and operations that you will undertake. Clearly identify actions or milestones with dependencies.

2. Decide a Timeline Style

A timeline can be in a horizontal or vertical layout. Horizontal timelines are commonly utilized in showing progress in a linear layout. Vertical timelines are more often used if a timeline is injected with research, facts, or data. Nevertheless, both formats can showcase the series of events chronologically well.

3. Detail Accurately

In every date that you mark, in every operation that you set, make sure that you jot it down accurately. Your construction timeline is both an instructional and policy material that the employees will follow. Make every detail clear and easy to read.

4. Put Reasonable Timeframes

One highly essential factor you must look into your sample construction project timeline is by providing timeframes that are fairly reasonable to any of your construction tasks and operations. The key is to be realistic. Don’t entangle your construction timeline with irrational construction schedules.

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