One secret of a successful business is keeping every necessary document, fundamental. It should be prioritized and is a must. A construction timeline allows you to present your productivity of your client's demand. It should be informative yet classy. Are you here to look for a timeline for your construction project? You are on the right track for our pre-made Construction Timeline Templates will lend you a hand. All of our templates have ready-made content that is 100% customizable, editable and printable in any file format such as Apple Pages. Also available in A4 & U.S. Letter Sizes. Grab one now and start gaining trust from potential customers!

How to Make a Construction Timeline in Apple Pages?

Building infrastructures is a long time process from the planning of its design until making it into reality; it undergoes various stages. With that in line, getting help from professionals is a must. Construction firms need documents to give to their clients. It was said that the U.S. is known to be the most substantial construction market in the world. Over 1,293 billion U.S. dollars spent on construction projects, and it is continuously progressing over time. Statista stated that the residential market drives this constant growth. Constructing a house or building should be monitored well. You need a construction timeline to help you keep you informed of the process.

Hence, if you want to obtain a detailed timeline, follow these easy steps given below:

1.Incorporate Minimal Designs in your Timeline

A project timeline could be a visual representation of your construction schedule on the development of a project. It lends you a hand on keeping things systematized. And to make it easy to gape at it, incorporate simple designs in your timeline. You can choose a template in our collection. Customize it by highlighting boxes that contain essential contents. It is an excellent way of emphasizing notes you want your client to give attention at. However, construction timelines should be formal, so there is no need to overdesign it.

2. Details of the Project

It is a basic element to give out essential details of your project. It only should be short and precise. These details include the client's name, location of the project, and the and name of the building if it is a small business or enterprise. Make sure you would not mess the spellings and the information you are giving out. Also include the project manager of the operation and contact information. You may also include the expected duration of the construction as well as the budget.

3. Start Filling Out the Timeline

Filling out your timeline sets out an overview of the project your team is making. When it comes to construction firms, crafting one is essential. It supplies the actions you've taken from the start until the end of the operation. Hence, fill out the table chronologically. Please fill it out, starting from arranging the agreement documents down to the landscaping. Aside from it, also provide the date you started the development and the time you've finished it.

4. Present your Brand

As you manage projects from clients, it is important always to leave the marks of your company. Especially if you are incorporating it in promotional material, showcase your brand on the most upper part of your paper. There write down your company's name, contact information, and full address. Also, attach your company's logo or specifications, such as roof services, electrical installments, and interior design. This way, your clients can contact you for more transactions.

5. Keep it Validated

Finally, if everything is good to go, you can have your printouts. But before that, make sure that you have reviewed all the details. Please print it out and have it signed by the ones in authority. It shows the credibility and validity of your document.
To suggest, you can attach a financial construction statement as proof of the transactions you made for the development of the project.

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