Whether it’s about software, equipment, or construction, there’s a great deal of work that goes into engineering. And, because of this, skilled professionals are necessary for managing the different tasks and projects in that industry. Are you capable of taking on such a vital role? If so, then bolster your resume’s contents with our Engineering Manager Cover Letter Templates! Download our easily editable content in a variety of file formats, as well as several page sizes to choose from. Don’t hesitate any longer--go ahead and get your hands on our 100% customizable samples! Quickly compose am engineering job application for a program manager, equipment manager, and much more!

What Is an Engineering Manager Cover Letter?

This type of cover letter is implemented with a job application that focuses on an engineering manager’s job position. According to the Harvard Business Review (a business-focused resource provided by Harvard University), a cover letter is good for showing recruiters just how much effort an applicant puts into the employment process.

Whether you’re a civil engineer or a manufacturing engineer, there’s no doubt that any managerial resume benefits from having a well-written cover letter.

How to Write an Engineering Manager Cover Letter

If you need some tips on how to effectively compose an engineering manager cover letter, then just keep reading down below!

1. Ensure Your Cover Letter Looks Professional

Since you’re seeking employment in a managerial position, then it’s imperative that you give your cover letter a proper appearance. After opening up a fresh file in your preferred document software, set the page size to your local area’s standard, and then choose a portrait format for the layout orientation. Following that, apply a margin for your content to stay inside of.

2. Consider Your Cover Letter’s Title

What kind of engineering manager are you applying to be? A design manager? A project coordinator? When coming up with the title of your letter, be sure that it contains the position’s actual name. It’s especially important if you’re answering a listing or ad.

Besides the full job position, add in your own complete name into the title, as well. As an example, it should resemble something like “Aerospace Manager - Jane Doe.”

3. Draft Your Cover Letter’s Content

For the main body of your document, start off with a professional salutation. Some reliable examples include “Dear Recruiter,” and “Dear Employment Manager,”

Next, reserve the letter’s first paragraph for your self-introduction. State your name along with the position’s name, too. Then, express your interest in applying for that position. If you were referred by an employee, go ahead and mention them here; otherwise, explain how you came across the opening by yourself.

Employers look for specific qualities when considering their applicants, especially for a leadership position. So, talk about how you’re the best candidate for the job! Outline relevant traits that you have, such as experience in process improvement and project management. Include achievements too, like a certification from a training program.

4. Closing out Your Engineering Manager Cover Letter

To end your cover letter, write down a final statement that states your gratitude along with encouragement to read your resume. And finally, add a formal valediction (like “Regards,”) followed by your full name.

With that, you now have the knowledge for creating a cover letter on your own. Lastly, if you want customizable content for your writing, then don’t forget about our Engineering Manager Cover Letter Templates!

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