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How To Create An Envelope In Illustrator?

An envelope is usually described as a budget-friendly to deliver your message. Whether you wish to use an envelope for rspecial events such as wedding or birthday, envelopes tell your audience who you are in a very special way. If you wish to message someone in a special way, here are a few tips for you to learn how to create an simple envelope using Adobe Illustrator.

1. Determine Your Purpose

The first thing you'll need to do when you create an envelope in Adobe Illustrator is to identify what type of envelope you will make. Decide whether you will create an sample envelope to invite for your company events or any special events you'll host. When you know the type of envelope you will make, then you may already decide which design elements to use. Such design elements include vectors, colors, borders, calligraphy, and typeface.

2. Use Adobe Illustrator

There are many other file formats you can use to design an envelope. However, it's best if you use software that is completely scalable and allows in-panel editing. Such software is known as Adobe Illustrator. Open your design software and create a new file. Then, click on the "selection tool" and click the image element you want to apply in the envelope. Next, open the "object" menu and go to "envelope distort." Select an envelope style and adjust the degree to which the envelope affects the object. Then, click "Ok" to apply.

3. Specify Your Addressee's Information

The most important thing when creating an envelope is to specify the complete details of your addressee. Make sure you spell the name of the recipient correctly. Don't forget to address your recipient, courteously. Whether it's hand-made or digital-made, laying out the complete details of your addressee is essential. Also, don't forget to provide the exact designation of your addressee. Otherwise, the recipient might find it rude or unprofessional. As mentioned, printable envelopes are used to send messages in a special way. Therefore, it's important to make them feel that you know them well.

4. Choose Our Templates

We have well-designed envelope templates available in Adobe Illustrator, so we encourage you to make use of them. Choose an editable envelope template and personalize it according to your own style. As soon as you have chosen a good template, you may already use any design elements you want. Whatever you choose, make sure your envelope still looks professional.

5. Use Branding Elements

Especially when you're creating an envelope in the corporate setting, then don't forget to use branding elements. Such elements include branding colors, logo, and texts. Aside from the brand logo and your branding colors, don't forget to include the complete details of the sender, the specific company address, and contact information. This ensures that you don't just promote your brand in your envelope, but you also provide a comprehensive point of reference. Doing so helps you attract more prospects to make business deals with you.

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