When things end, another door will open for a new hello. But moments like these are chances for a new tomorrow and a wider range of adventures. Have no more time for worries and cries. It’s time to say goodbye and wish them nothing but good luck on their new journey. Got no time to make handmade and DIY cards? Come by and check out now our Ready-Made Farewell Card Templates in Word. These are available in 4S and US sizes. Toast for a fresh new start! Acquire one now to bid your heartfelt goodbye to a dear friend!

How to make a Farewell Card in Microsoft Word

Bon Voyage! If you can't say it face-to-face, then maybe a simple card would summarize everything your mind would want to relay. Based on Chicago Tribune, during 1974 when President Nixon resigned and planned to leave the White House, he said to all the dear persons to him that there is no English word that would speak out what he has yearned to say, and so he used the French word "au revoir.” It means "until we meet again," which meant that at any chance fate would give them, they will cross their paths again.

A simple goodbye is so hard to let go, what more if you voice out your words, too. However, farewells are not always sad and gloomy, because you can make it livelier. Our editable and printable card templates are what you are here for. You don't have to struggle anymore with making one. All you have to do is follow these easy guidelines below:

1. Pick a Template that you Wanted

To start the process of creating your card, select a template first. We have a variety of ready-made templates waiting for you, such as a professional farewell card template, funny farewell card template, or a cute one. Whether an employee, a friend, or a student might be the receiver of the creative card; make sure you pick a design that speaks of the receiver's personality.

2. Construct Your Message

You can now start composing your farewell letter to the person receiving the card. Bidding goodbye to a special someone does not always signify an end. If you are having a hard time making one, you can begin your message by recalling all your treasured and love-filled memories together, or even the goofiest moments both of you have shared. Then, you can try to include some wishes you wanted to bid him.

3. Add Some Images

It takes a lot of courage to bid farewell to someone. Help him remind both of your precious days together by attaching photos of you both. You can also try to consider using his favorite color as you start customizing your card. You can attach some polaroids, or add up a theme that best represents himself. With free access to Microsoft Word, your editing is going to be easier. You can edit your photos everywhere you go.

4. Make It Simple but Special

The content of your card is the thing that makes your message more authentic and heartfelt. Your receiver will surely feel your genuine thoughts for him and her. So, in creating your editable card, while you are in the heat of the moment, don't let your ideas bombard you. Make sure your design and aesthetics don't overpower your message. It should still be understandable and readable.

5. Print and Present

If all the details are on the modern card, make sure you edit out the errors and wrong spellings in the content. Check the font styles, colors, and images. Once you settle these things, you are good to go. After that final stride, you can now proceed with printing it out. Use your best quality paper and our beautifully-made template, and your card will be a card full of bliss and sincerity.

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