Fashion is not just about the pieces of clothing and accessories that go together. It is art. It is an industry. It is an avenue for creativity. Ultimately, fashion is a hodgepodge of a person’s thinking, lifestyle, and culture. To further one’s medium of art and to let other people understand the essence of fashion, you need to make use of pedestrian marketing mediums such as flyers. In this website, we will provide you with a wide selection of professionally-made fashion flyers that are fully customizable with Microsoft Publisher!

How to Create a Creative Fashion Flyer in MS Publisher

There are two fashion week seasons among four countries in a year during the spring and fall seasons. These countries are New York, London, Milan, and Paris. These exhibitions are considered to be the real deal. On the other hand, almost every country has their version of fashion week. Each event that was meticulously planned deserves to be advertised. There are various ways of making the event public; you can promote it digitally and through print template media. One way is to print out flyers containing the details of the said event. Take note that flyers are suitable for all kinds of events such as sales, pageants, and festivals. Also, your boutique's flyer design can be maximized and used as posters. There is really no limit to its usage.

Step 1: Capture the Essence.

Show what you want to tell. Flyers are not only marketing tools, but they are also visual aids. A large factor that adds to its appeal is the photographs that are included. In the fashion industry, photography is not a new business. Make sure to entice the recipients with some fashion editorial photos that are suitable for the event. If you are advertising a summer collection, make your audience experience and feel the summer heat through the pictures.

Step 2: Make a Statement.

There are times when pictures do not suffice in giving out the message, you need to make a bold statement. Include a remarkable and memorable line that will always be associated with your fashion event or sale promotion. The statement usually plays with the name of the event by adding a creative and fun punch to it.

Step 3: Play with Typography

To make your flyer more visually appealing, you can play with serif and sans serif scripts. You can use serif scripts in the details because it makes the text look more clean and organized. On the other hand, the sans serif script can be used in the bold and emphasized texts in the flyer. However, don’t get too carried away, your fashion flyer may not be readable anymore. Limit your mix to three styles and you’re good to go.

Step 4: Don’t Forget the Details.

A flyer is similar to any marketing material such as a brochure, it needs to contain the details. Flyers for fashion events need to contain the venue, time, and, possibly, a list of the participating designers. The details should also be explained in brief and are easy to understand. Your recipients will be thankful if your data is direct to the point and, at the same time, comprehensive. The promotional flyer should be both factual and alluring.

Step 5: Proofread Your Work

Don't make a fool of yourself by distributing editable flyers with multiple typographical errors. Review and revise your work if necessary. There is nothing wrong with multiple revisions as long as the final output is foolproof. Make sure that all the details are accurate, the spelling is in check, and the layout is in its proper form.

Step 6: Let the World Know

What’s the use of a flyer if you don’t distribute it to your target? You can't just let it sit in a corner to collect dust. It is both a waste of money, time, intellect, and effort. Inform every one of your discount sales by disseminating the information included in your fashion flyer. Entice your audience to go shopping. It's not necessary to distribute it to everyone in the world. You can also share the soft copy of the event flyer through online platforms.

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