Music is what brings everyone together. From concerts to music festivals, creating a very inviting advertisement is a key element in promoting a music event. Now, you can promote your music event easily with our professionally designed flyers. We have a wide range of music flyer templates that are editable in all versions of Microsoft Word. You can now let go of your worries about designing your flyers from scratch. All you need to do is input your details and personalize the contents within minutes. These files are ready-made and fully customizable for your convenience. We make use of high-quality layout and graphic files. Available in (US) 8.5x11 inches with bleed. Print-ready, perfect for commercial as well as personal printing. Designing your own music flyer has never been easier. Download now for free!

How To Create Music Flyers in Microsoft Word

With today's digital advancements, there is a notion that print media is dying. But not in all cases. A printed advertisement like an event flyer is one of the most traditional and commonly used medium in events promotion. An activity like a music event needs creative and well thought out flyers to attract more audience. The target audience for music events are usually wide, so these following steps will help you make your very own creative music flyer.

1. Know Your Audience

The very first thing to consider in making a music flyer is to know your target audience. If you are able to determine your target audience, then you will be able to imagine what color, design, photos. etc. will be most attractive to become more inviting. In addition, determining your target audience will help you decide the words you will be using: is it age-appropriate? Is it sexist? Is it derogatory? Consider your flyer as vital marketing collateral, so you have to plan everything according to your audience.

2. Visual Hierarchy Is Key

Visual Hierarchy pertains to the arrangement of key elements in your flyer according to its importance. To simply put it, make the most important elements (event name, proprietor, venue, call to action) more catchy and noticeable than the others. In doing so, your audience will automatically know what the event is about at a single glance and it creates better brand recall.

3. Why The Rush?

As aforementioned, event flyers are in the standard size of 8.5"x11" (US). Make use of the space. Plan your layout ahead of time. Research about important design elements and - this could not be more stressed - DO NOT RUSH! Good design is always back up by thorough research and you will not always get it the first time. In creating a music flyer, time can both be your friend and your enemy and it is your job to choose between the two. Choose wisely!

4. Less Is More

According to Time, the average attention span of people is now down to 8 seconds. One second slower than that of a goldfish (Yes! You read it right.), so the famous expression may already be not true. In relation to this information, always keep your music flyer design simple. These flyers are usually disseminated in the areas where people on-the-go usually flock. So always make your flyers honest, creative, and easy to understand.

5. Call To Action

A call to action is a statement that guides your audience on what to do next. It tells them to take a specific action. They are typically written as a command or an invitation, like "Get Yours Now!", "Try It Today!", or "Download Now!". In the case of a music flyer, including a CTA like "Scan The QR Code to Register." or "Sign Up Now!" will encourage interaction between your brand or event and your audience.

So make use of our creatively designed templates "Download Now!".

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