People regularly visit beauty salons because they love to pamper themselves, especially women. If you are planning to advertise or open a salon, you might want a  salon flyer for that. Here at, we have beautifully designed and well-structured salon flyer templates which you can purchase or download for free. Our templates are designed by professional graphic designers to help promote your salon business effectively. These templates use high-quality images, elegant fonts, and vibrant colors. Quickly customize one of our 100% customizable templates in any version of Apple Pages and save it on your PC or mobile. Stop wasting any more time. Click the download button now and start catching the attention of potential clients.

How To Make A Salon Flyer In Pages

According to a survey, 50% of women visit a salon at least once per month to maintain their looks regularly. Women go to salons to get their hair, nails, eyelashes, massage, and makeup done with or without an apparent reason. If you are in the salon and spa business, you need to have a salon flyer to promote your business and your services. Increase traffic to your business and keep your business on top of your competitors by making a structured and eyecatching salon flyer. If you're interested in making one, you might want to continue reading this article. We are giving you a step-by-step process to digitally-making an effective salon flyer using Apple Pages. Here's how:

1. Understand Why You Need a Flyer

Although we are in the digital age, you will still need a flyer for advertising your business, service, or product. It might seem old-fashioned to use a flyer; however, it is actually important for marketing. Not only will it reach many people, but it is also a low-cost option. Other promotional tools tend to be costly, and small businesses can't keep up with the expenses. Digitally advertising your salon has a huge chance of being overlooked by readers. That is why flyers are still has a big impact on the readers because they can actually read them and keep them. If you now believe that you need a flyer, move on to step two.

2. Look for Flyer Inspiration

Do some research on the internet and brainstorm for flyer inspiration. You need to make your salon flyer stand out from the rest and at the same time entices prospective customers. Just be sure that your design is truly inspired by the flyer you saw and not a replica of it. You need to have a unique flyer design and not some cheap copy.

3. Open Apple Pages

Most graphic design applications need to be bought and installed on your computer; however, if you are a Mac user, you might be familiar with the word processing program Apple Pages. You can use this program as an alternative graphic design program. Apple Pages is described as "A canvas for creativity." Even though it is not like any of the sophisticated design programs, it still has the tools that can assist you in making promotional tools like brochures, posters, banners, and flyers.

4. Start Creating Your Salon Flyer

You are now ready to start constructing your salon flyer. Since you've already had a design in mind, you now need to put it into action. An effective flyer needs a compelling headline, informative content, and eye-catching design. A flyer always needs a call to action, so you need to come up with a compelling one. The content needs to contain the business information, the services, the offers or promos, and the salon pricing. There should not be a limit on your creativity, splash some colors here and there, and use readable typefaces for the content and headline.

5. Print and Distribute the Flyer

After you've finalized your flyer, print it in high-quality glossy paper and start distributing it. Physically distributing your salon flyers will create a personal relationship with prospective clients. Other than personally handing out your salon flyer, you can distribute it through door-to-door, direct-mail, and inserting the flyers on newspapers, magazines, etc.

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