Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But for most people, maintenance is always an issue. And this is where your beauty salon comes to the rescue. In advertising your beauty business, one of the best marketing tools that you can use is flyers. Are you looking for an effective promotional flyer that will aid you in your quest to give the people the beauty that they deserved? Look no further! Our salon flyer templates here at are made precisely for you! These stylish templates are all editable, printable, 100% customizable, and available in all versions of Microsoft Publisher. What are you waiting for? Download our templates and start advertising your salon now! 

How to Make a Salon Flyer in MS Publisher

A beauty salon, which is also called a beauty parlor or shop, is a business that deals with nonmedical beauty care for women and gents. To create a stylish salon flyer, all you need are your ideas and these guidelines to kick-start your task:

1. Familiarize The Business

If you are starting a salon business or already managing one, your first step is to familiarize the ins and outs of it. There are a lot of salons that specialize in one service only, but if your salon has a wide variety of services, you must have a good knowledge of how they completely operate. There are a lot of salon services that vary in setups and procedures, i.e., hair salon, hair treatments nail salon, facials and skin services, and so many more. Other one-stop salons offer spa and massage services to their clients as well. When you know how the business works, be it the costs or the start-up plan, it will be easier for you to produce a marketing flyer to advertise your salon.

2. Your Branding Should Reflect Your Goals

Ask yourself, "How can my business be recognized amongst the competition?" Answering this question may seem complicated. However, you may ask again, "What's your goal and vision for the business?" If you can answer this one question, you will immediately know how to be that salon people would go. Branding is crucial since it is the turning point of your business; it is what will set you apart from all the competitors. Be unique in building an identity for your salon. From your logos, colors, or motto, be different and establish the best brand people will know.

3. Subtly Introduce Your Workers

Your workforce helps you operate the salon, and they are the ones providing services for your clientele. In your flyer, it would be advisable to introduce your workers to sell their skills and add more customers to your salon who wants to engage in their services. Be it your world-class hairdresser, the celebrity hairstylist, or the professional makeup artist, presenting them and their expertise toward an audience will surely bring you a considerable amount of clients that will be coming for their services.

4. Your Contents Should Be On-Point

Writing contents for your flyers is a challenge in itself. Sometimes, overwhelming the readers is a feat everyone is capable of. To avoid this kind of issue, retain from writing too much. Less is more, so write what's necessary and what's needed. Your services, for example, should be written in detail if needed. You can write a description and price per service. Create a winning headline that could prompt your clients to act in urgency by considering their needs, their fears, and what they crave. Highlight every single benefit and discount you could offer them.

5. Pick Visuals with Quality

Images always bring more attraction to the flyers. However, do not compromise quality for the sake of momentary advertising. Choose the best pictures that fit your business and include them in your salon flyer to add more appeal. But, do not go overboard; instead pick one or two, maybe three at most if you can. This is to avoid overshadowing your contents.

6. Download Editing Software and Start Designing

Lastly, if everything is set, you can start designing with Microsoft Publisher. You can go modern or elegant with your designs. After that, you can print and save it in your files.

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